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Danish Kapoor

Apple Considers Switching to Plastic Design for New Apple Watch SE

As Apple continues to strengthen its position in the smartwatch market, it has emerged that it is planning a significant change for the next version of the Apple Watch SE, the most affordable model in its product range. The technology giant is considering using hard plastic material instead of the current aluminum body in the next-generation Apple Watch SE model, which it has been working on for a while. This information was included in the Power On newsletter published by Mark Gurman, one of the leading analysts in the sector, published in Bloomberg.

The Apple Watch SE is positioned as the entry-level model in the company’s smartwatch lineup and is currently Starting price: 10,999 TL However, Apple is being pushed to take cost-cutting measures as rival companies launch similar segment products at lower prices. For example, Samsung’s most affordable smartwatch model starts at $199.

Switching to plastic could significantly reduce production costs for Apple, allowing the company to either increase its market share by lowering the price of the product or increase its profit margin by maintaining the current price level. However, it is questionable how this change will affect Apple’s premium product image.

The evolution of the Apple Watch SE

The first version of the Apple Watch SE was released in 2020 and has remained popular with users ever since. The model, updated in 2022, attracted attention with the use of “nylon composite” material instead of ceramic on the back case. This change increased the durability of the product and optimized costs.

The move to a plastic body is seen as part of Apple’s strategy to bring its product line to a wider consumer base. The company aims to target the luxury market with high-end models such as the Apple Watch Series and Apple Watch Ultra, while also appealing to a wider user base with the Apple Watch SE.

However, if this change is made, it is a matter of curiosity how Apple will use plastic material without compromising the quality of the product. Considering the colorful plastic body design that the company used in the past on the iPhone 5c model, it is thought that a similar approach may be adopted for the Apple Watch SE.

As a result, it will be closely monitored in the coming period how Apple’s move will affect the smartwatch market and how consumers will react to a plastic-bodied Apple Watch. Although this information is considered speculation until the company makes an official statement, it signals a significant change in Apple’s product strategy. The technology world is eagerly waiting for Apple’s next move.

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Danish Kapoor