Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple can say goodbye to physical buttons with the iPhone 16 series

Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Apple will completely get rid of physical buttons on iPhones in the future and switch to completely capacitive buttons. According to a new claim, the Cupertino-based company will start this era with the iPhone 16 series. Apple is said to have placed an order for a capacitive button system that will replace physical buttons.

Last year, claims were made that Apple would switch to capacitive button design with the iPhone 15 series. However, it was stated that this plan was abandoned due to difficulties in production some time before the introduction of the iPhone 15.

According to the latest news, Apple ordered capacitive buttons from the company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering to use in its new phones. It is said that this order includes system modules that will replace the physical buttons on both sides, and that these will replace the capacitive buttons on the iPhone 16.

Apple may place Taptic Engine on both sides of the phone in the iPhone 16 series

It seems likely that Apple will add components of the Taptic Engine touch engine to both sides of the phone in the iPhone 16. Thus, users will be able to receive vibration feedback when the capacitive buttons are pressed.

It is useful to approach Apple's claim that it will switch to capacitive buttons on the iPhone 16s with caution. Because no allegation on this issue had ever been brought to the agenda before. It should be emphasized that Apple's ordering a capacitive button does not guarantee a definitive change. We have approximately 5 months to meet the iPhone 16s. It would not be a surprise to hear different claims in this period.

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Danish Kapoor