Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple brings calculator app to iPad with iPadOS 18

With iPadOS 18, Apple will offer the Calculator application for the iPad for the first time. The announcement of the long-awaited application was made at the opening speech of WWDC 2024.

On the surface, the app looks a lot like the calculator you may be familiar with from iOS. But it also supports Apple Pencil; This means you can type in math problems and the app will solve them thanks to a feature Apple calls Math Notes.

The arrival of Calculator on the iPad is not a surprise. Because earlier this year, rumors emerged that the application would come to Apple's tablets. But it's nice that the app is finally on its way. Especially after Apple added the Weather application to the iPad with iPadOS 16 two years ago, all eyes were on the Calculator.

Apple will make handwriting easier to read with iPad

iPadOS 18 also includes a feature called Smart Script, which makes it easier to read your handwriting, along with some of the personalization updates that iOS 18 includes.

Danish Kapoor