Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple announces Apple Pay availability in non-Safari browsers

Apple introduced a new feature so that Apple Pay can be used in desktop web browsers other than Safari. As reported by MacRumors, this feature allows Apple Pay; It can be used on Chrome, Firefox and even Windows PCs. This innovation can be considered an important step that will expand the usage area of ​​Apple Pay.

In a video prepared for developers at the WWDC 2024 event, Apple showed how this feature works. When the Apple Pay button appears in a desktop browser other than Safari, users will click on this button and receive a special code that they can scan with an iPhone running iOS 18. After scanning the code, users will be able to complete the transaction via their iPhone.

Using Apple Pay on desktop has until now been limited to Safari on Macs. Thanks to these updates, it will be possible to see many more Apple Pay buttons on the internet, depending on the browser and hardware used. This feature will increase users' flexibility in making payments through different browsers and platforms.

Apple's video also included details for developers for iOS 18's redesigned event tickets in Apple Wallet. These changes and many other innovations will come to iPhones this fall. Apple aims to further enrich the user experience with iOS 18.

These new features available to developers are designed to make Apple Pay easier and more popular to use. The ability to use Apple Pay in browsers other than Safari will be a great innovation, especially for Windows PC users. In this way, users will have the opportunity to make safe and fast payments on different platforms.

Danish Kapoor