Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Affinity software suite gets new six-month free trial

Affinity has announced that it has launched a six-month free trial period for its Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher software, which users consider as alternatives to Adobe software. This new trial period will be valid for Mac, Windows PC and iPad users. Affinity’s move has been met with great interest by graphic designers and content producers.

One-time pricing model for Affinity software suite

Affinity has long been notable in the industry for its one-time purchase model. This model has created great loyalty among creative professionals who are tired of constant subscription fees. Prices for Affinity’s desktop applications start at $69.99, while the entire package is priced at $164.99. When converted to Turkish Lira at the current exchange rate, these figures correspond to approximately 2,288 TL and 5,394 TL, respectively. Moreover, there is currently a 50 percent discount opportunity for all perpetual licenses.

The discount and six-month free trial are thought to be aimed at allaying concerns that Affinity would be changing its pricing model following its acquisition by Canva. “We say try everything and pay nothing because making a change can be a big step, especially for busy professionals,” Affinity CEO Ashley Hewson said. Hewson also noted that those who use the trial period are under no obligation to purchase.

Canva CEO Melanie Perkins told The Verge’s Decoder podcast that Canva shouldn’t be considered a full-fledged alternative to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software. Perkins said the design market is “a bit of a one-horse race, and that doesn’t work out well for anyone.” She also said that having another alternative in the market for professional designers would be beneficial for everyone.

This new offering from Affinity offers a great opportunity for users who need professional tools in the field of graphic design and publishing. The free trial period allows users to evaluate the software in detail, while the discounted prices make it an attractive option for those who do not want to strain their budget.

As a result, Affinity’s six-month free trial offer and discounted license prices offer remarkable opportunities for graphic designers and content creators. Affinity’s move is considered a significant development for those looking for an alternative to Adobe’s strong position in the design software market. Such opportunities can help creative professionals try different tools and choose the most suitable one.

Danish Kapoor