Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Adobe is making a big increase in Creative Cloud prices in Turkey

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As one of the world’s leading technology and software companies, Adobe is known for its innovative products and services. With its latest announcement for users in Turkey, Creative Cloud is going to make a significant price increase for its applications. This decision stands out as the second major price update for Adobe’s services, after the increase it made in the summer months of last year.

Adobe’s price increase and new features in Turkey

Adobe explained the price increase by citing value increases such as new tools and artificial intelligence features added to Creative Cloud. These innovations include web applications such as Adobe Firefly, which allow anyone to create content using the power of artificial intelligence, and new features offered in Creative Cloud applications. Plus, all-in-one apps like Adobe Express make it faster for users to create social posts, videos, and PDFs.

According to the messages sent to users in Turkey, the price of Creative Cloud’s entire applications package will be increased from 200 TL to 777 TL per month. In the annual prepaid option, the price will be increased from 2,200 TL to 10,350 TL. It is stated that similar increases will be made in individual application subscriptions. This price update will be valid for users in Turkey as of March 5, 2024.

This price increase by Adobe was inevitable, considering the economic conditions and exchange rate fluctuations in Turkey. The company states that it monitors currency fluctuations and adjusts prices only when necessary. This policy enables Adobe to consistently deliver great value to customers globally and enable creativity for everyone.

Adobe’s price increase in Turkey has caused different reactions among users. While some users find the price increase reasonable considering the innovations and value increase offered by Adobe, others think that this increase creates a heavy burden in Turkey’s conditions. Adobe states that it will continue to work to meet the needs of users and provide them with the best service. In this process, users’ feedback and needs will be an important guide for Adobe.

Danish Kapoor