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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

5,000 TL discount coupon opportunity on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (June 2024)

Samsung's latest flagship and high-end phone, Galaxy S24 Ultra, is offered with a coupon of 5,000 TL at Hepsiburada. Moreover, there are discount coupons of different amounts not only on the S24 Ultra but also on other Samsung products. Included in the campaign You can view all products here.

After adding the Galaxy S24 Ultra to the cart, you will also have the opportunity to use the discount coupon. Thus, with a price tag of 64,899 TL, 12 GB RAM and 256 GB capacity model You will be able to buy it for 59.899 TL.

Galaxy S24 Ultra features

Galaxy S24 Ultra, the latest member of Samsung's flagship series, continues to excite technology enthusiasts with its elegant design, groundbreaking camera features and powerful performance. This model, which makes a difference in the market with its striking yellow color, stands out with its high-speed multitasking and large storage space by offering 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage capacity. The high resolution offered by the 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED screen promises its users a visual feast full of deep blacks and vivid colors.

The HDR10+ support of the screen offers the opportunity to watch TV series and movies with more realistic colors, while also taking the social media experience to the next level. With its frameless design and aesthetic appearance, S24 Ultra demonstrates unparalleled performance in applications, games and multitasking thanks to Samsung's latest and powerful processor. This powerful hardware is supported by 12 GB RAM and offers uninterrupted fluency to its users.

For photography enthusiasts, the S24 Ultra offers professional-level photo and video shooting with its advanced multi-lens camera system. Its ability to take high-resolution and vivid photos, especially in low light conditions, stands out. The device's ability to record 8K video ensures that every moment is recorded down to the finest detail, so users can always immortalize their memories in the highest quality.

Galaxy S24 Ultra, which impresses with its technical features, allows you to always carry high performance in your pocket with its 1x 3.36 GHz ARM Cortex-X3 main processor, 8-core structure and 12 GB RAM. While its 256 GB storage capacity allows you to comfortably store a large content library, it offers enough energy for daily use with its 500 mAh battery capacity and fast charging features. Wireless charging and NFC feature provides practicality and convenience in daily use.

Finally, the S24 Ultra's camera system allows you to achieve excellent results in any shooting situation, with three rear cameras: 12 MP, 10 MP and 10 MP. Features such as optical zoom, night shot mode and AI-assisted scene detection enable users to experience professional photography. Equipped with these unique technical features and usage advantages, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Yellow is the ideal choice for those looking for more than just a mobile phone.

Danish Kapoor