Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

YouTube is testing its new Web interface with Premium members

YouTube's work on its new web interface has aroused a lot of curiosity among users. With this new design, the company aims to reshape the video watching experience on the platform.

YouTube decided to redesign its web interface in line with constantly developing technology and user needs. This innovation was designed to enable users to find and interact with content more easily and effectively, especially when consuming video content. In this respect, the platform aims to offer its users a more fluid and enjoyable viewing experience.

The new design moves the location of key information about the videos, especially the video title, description and comments, from the bottom of the videos to the right side. This change paves the way for all content to be brought together at the bottom when videos are watched full screen. In addition, easier access is provided directly to recommended videos, making it easier for users to discover new videos.

However, this ongoing project of YouTube was initially criticized by some users. The new interface was previously opened to some users for testing purposes, and the feedback received was mostly negative. Taking user feedback into account, YouTube has continued to work to update and improve the design.

Last week, the company started testing the renewed design with small touches on some users. The fact that positive feedback was received from the selected test audience during this testing process is seen as signs that YouTube can offer the design to a wider audience in the future.

The new web interface can currently only be experienced by Premium YouTube members. With this strategy, the company aims to first introduce the innovations to the experience of the platform's most loyal user base and make the necessary adjustments in line with their opinions.

YouTube's new web interface is an important step aimed at improving the user experience. The platform aims to bring innovations that optimize the viewing experience, taking into account user feedback. With these innovations, YouTube is expected to further consolidate its leadership in the video platform. How users will react to this new design will become clearer over time.

Danish Kapoor