Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Yahoo Mail is being updated with new AI features on desktop

Yahoo is updating its desktop Yahoo Mail app with new AI features and other functions. These innovations aim to further simplify email and task management. Thus, users will be able to manage their daily work more efficiently.

One of the most notable of these updates is the short email summaries created by artificial intelligence. These summaries are presented with bulleted lists highlighting suggested tasks and other actions. Summaries are available under the new Priority Inbox tab and use artificial intelligence to identify important messages.

Gmail also recently announced a similar summary feature in its mobile application. However, this feature in Gmail is behind a paywall for Workspace and Google One AI Premium subscribers. Yahoo Mail offers this feature free of charge to all its users.

In addition to artificial intelligence-supported summaries, Yahoo also makes it easier to quickly access and process emails. Quick action buttons will now appear directly in the inbox and users can add an event to the calendar, check flights and track packages. Additionally, a new persistent “star view” panel allows users to quickly see and access their most important tasks or items they want to revisit.

Yahoo Mail offers quick tab shortcuts that allow users to perform various tasks without leaving their inbox. These shortcuts make things like adding events easier and improve the user experience. However, users can now link their Yahoo Mail accounts with other email accounts, such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and AOL, so they can send and receive all their emails via Yahoo Mail.

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“People are looking for ways to more efficiently manage daily activities like managing multiple email accounts, organizing their schedules, reading long messages, and tracking orders,” said Kyle Miller, product manager for Yahoo Mail. “Our new features were developed to make their email-based lives easier.” said.

These features will be available starting today for new users in the US and will be available to existing US users on an on-demand basis. The features will also come to Yahoo Mail's mobile app in the future.

These aren't Yahoo Mail's first forays into the world of artificial intelligence. Last summer, Yahoo Mail rolled out several AI capabilities. These include an improved search mode, a Shopping Save feature that helps find forgotten gift cards and discount codes, and a writing assistant that helps craft emails using appropriate tone.

Yahoo Mail's new artificial intelligence-supported features make users' email management more efficient and easier. These innovations provide great convenience, especially for users with heavy e-mail traffic. Yahoo Mail continues to improve user experience with these steps.

Danish Kapoor