Xiaomi laptop upgraded: Intel Core i7 processor and 4G connectivity

One of the surprises of the season in the world of computers has undoubtedly been the Xiaomi laptop, a fantastic device for price, specifications and design. You can know better in our recent analysis, but what brings us here today is the appearance of a new version of the computer: My Notebook Air 4G comes with more power, better connectivity.

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The main novelty is the 4G connectivity, integrated in the equipment, I speak in plural since it is something that receive the two models available to date, which differ by the size: 12.5 and 13.3 inches. There is some more change that we will comment, but in principle what they decided in Xiaomi is to create a more competent product in mobility, an authentic portable office.

The appearance has not changed at all on these two laptops, they are still proud of not having logo.

This is nothing new in the portable world, we have known for years with equipment with 4G connectivity. Here the difference seems to be that it does not need SIM – the Chinese website is quite confusing -, it has a system devised next to China Mobile.

The Chinese operator creates for the users of these laptops a private network with a speed of 80 Mbps, with a free consumption of 48GB per year. They ensure that in addition to leaving the phone free for other tasks, it is much safer in China to make connections through this special 4G than through WiFi connections.

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Is this connectivity useful to us here? Obviously we are not going to connect with China Mobile, but right now it is impossible to know the complete connection characteristics of the devices: if there is a way to get a SIM, or if it is compatible with our networks.

Intel Core i7 for the big

Reviewing specifications and design we see that the thing has changed little, in fact the small model is practically the same. The most interesting thing comes to know that the 13.3-inch model receives an important processor upgrade, to have an Intel Core i7.

The specific model is not specified, but is said to run at 3.0GHz, and has a performance 10% higher than the Core i5 using the model currently sold.

Xiaomi Laptop Specifications

screen Full HD (1920×1080) Full HD (1920×1080)
Processor Intel Core m3 Intel Core i7
Storage 128GB SSD 256GB SSD
Extension Extra SSD slot Extra SSD slot
Dimensions 292x202x12.9 309.6×210.9×14.8
Weight 1.07 Kg 1.28 Kg
Backup 11.5 hours 9.5 hours
Connections USB 3.0, USB C, HDMI output and headphones 2 x USB 3.0, USB C, HDMI output and headphones
Connectivity Wifi ac, BT 4.1 Wifi ac, BT 4.1
Additional features Backlit keyboard and webcam Backlit keyboard and webcam
Price Approximately 680 USD Approximately 1045 USD

Mi NoteBook Air 4G are priced

The smallest of notebooks has a price in China of 4700 yuan, which at the exchange is about 680 USD, which are about 105 USD more than the model that can now be bought. If we go to 13.3 inches, the price is close to 7,000 yuan, about 1050 USD.

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