Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

With this very cheap device, there is no more losing your keys or your bag.

If you are one of those clueless people who never find their keys when they leave the house, or have ever lost your suitcase at an airport, having a AirTag of Manzana It could be good for you. If you also take advantage of this moment to get it, you can get it for less money, about 33.15 euros per unit, with free shipping included.

Buy the Apple AirTag at the best price

Airtag 2

The official price of this device is 39.90 euros, so, if you decide to buy it right now, you will be saving about 6 euros, paying 33.15 euros for it, and you will receive it at home in a single day (if you are Prime or take advantage of the free trial of the service for one month when placing the order) without shipping costs. With this offer, Amazon matches the one El Corte Inglés currently has, which leaves it to us for the same 33.15 euros, but charges us for shipping, except if we pick it up ourselves in the store.

Surely at this point the AirTag no longer needs an introduction to you. The locator tag from Apple offers us very small dimensions and weight, and it will help us to know at all times where our objects are, such as keys, backpacks, bags or suitcases… There are a thousand ways to take advantage of it and I’m sure you can think of others a thousand more ways to use it.

By means of the Network Search of Manzanawhich relies on ultra-wide band to locate our objects at any time, we can see on the screen of our iPhone where we have left them, or follow them in case of theft, for example.

Linking it to our smartphone is very simple and its configuration is easy even for those who do not get along well with technology. And the same can be said about its use: in a kind of “hot-cold”, the label shows us on the mobile screen if we move closer or further away from the object to which it is attached, making a sound when finding him.

To work, you only need a button battery, (is included), which will offer us months of autonomy, (almost a year). Additionally, the AirTag is waterproof (IP67) up to one meter deep, and can last submerged for up to half an hour without breaking down.

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Danish Kapoor