Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

With iOS 18, iPhones will show the time even when turned off

iOS 18, introduced by Apple at the World Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), continues to attract attention from the first day it appeared before users. It is clear that Apple aims to improve the user experience with this latest update. Firstly, the charging limit settings for iPhone 15 users were updated, offering users the opportunity to better manage battery life. However, these innovations are not limited to charging management only.

Time display feature when iPhone is turned off comes with iOS 18

When the details of another feature introduced with iOS 18 were shared, the technology world welcomed this simple but effective innovation. Now iPhone users will be able to see time information on the screen even if their devices are completely turned off. This feature is seen as an expansion of a similar function available on the Apple Watch, but has now been integrated into iPhones as well. Although this innovation seems simple, it shows how valuable being able to see the time even on a turned off phone can be for users who, for example, have run out of battery and do not have access to a watch device or are away from home.

This feature, noticed and shared by a user on Reddit, stands out as evidence of how much Apple thinks about user needs and how it tries to integrate technology into daily life. This is also another useful feature that comes after the addition of support for locating the iPhone with the 'Find My' feature even if the iPhone is out of battery or the device is turned off. Combining these two features also emphasizes the importance Apple attaches to emergencies and user safety.

Apple not only makes technology more efficient and useful, but also offers smart solutions to potential problems its users may encounter in daily life. It is a matter of curiosity what kind of experience iPhone users will have with these small but effective innovations.

These innovations and more that Apple introduced with iOS 18 stand as evidence of how the company constantly evolves technology in a user-oriented way. More information and details about other innovations and updates brought by iOS 18 can also be found on Apple's official website and reliable sources about technology. It is certain that these innovations for users will further advance the iOS ecosystem and enrich the user experience.

Danish Kapoor