Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

WhatsApp introduced its new sticker pack special for Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan reminds us once again of the importance of gathering with family and friends and connecting with loved ones. In this special month, WhatsApp offers a new sticker pack to make people’s communication with each other more meaningful and fun.

This new package, available today, includes a series of stickers that reflect the spirit and culture of Ramadan. Users can easily find and use these stickers in WhatsApp conversations in Turkey by tapping the sticker icon next to the text box and then tapping the + sign.

Fun communication for Ramadan on WhatsApp

Stickers offered on WhatsApp are shared completely securely thanks to the end-to-end encryption feature. This means that the messages and stickers you send are visible only to you and the recipient, not accessible to anyone else. This feature allows users to share the joy and warmth of Ramadan with their loved ones while protecting their privacy.

whatsapp ramadan sticker pack

WhatsApp’s new sticker pack offers its users the opportunity to enrich their communications with their loved ones during Ramadan. While these stickers strengthen the bonds that users establish with each other, they also reinforce the sense of unity and solidarity brought by the month of Ramadan. With this new package, WhatsApp aims to make users’ communication experiences more personal and meaningful.

Danish Kapoor