Volvo Self Driving Truck Vera | Here’re Its Specs, Features, Operation & Launch Date

Volvo has unveiled its new production that has created abuzz all across the world with its amazing self-driving truck called Vera. The best part of this huge commercial vehicle is that it doesn’t come up with the cabin for the driver. Volvo the second-biggest manufacturer of trucks in the world from Sweden gave birth to the automated electric truck that can be used for the purpose of logistics.

The new self-driven electric truck is the brainchild of Volvo who created it to meet up the dearth of drivers and catch up with the e-commerce industry. Volvo put up a show for its newly designed self-driven truck Vera in Berlin, recently, which was attended by experts from the technology and automobile industries.

Specs & features of Volvo Vera self-driving truck

Apparently, the vehicle will be initially put in use shipping ports and centres dedicated to logistics only within the fixed radius of all safety quantifications. The heavy self-driven electric trucks by Volvo can bear weight up to 32 tonnes and easily attaches a trailer or load carriers onto its back.

The electric truck Vera by Volvo runs on a lower speed than any normal truck to avoid any sort of mishap as it is not driven by a driver. Powered by a strong battery back up, Volvo Vera is crafted for short trips that are repetitive and to carry heavy loads. This vehicle also promises to overcome the problem of skilled manpower that is only available during daytime but not at night. Now any logistic company can make optimum use of this self-driven trucks at any hour of the day.

Operation & launch date of Volvo electric truck

All Volvo Veras will be operated and controlled over the cloud, with every detail including battery level check, what is loaded on the truck, its currents location and the requirement of its services to be taken.

However, the manufacturer has kept mum on announcing when they would bring this commercial machine into the market but one thing is for sure that Volvo’s self-driving trucks will replace organic manpower and will prove to be more efficient than before. Volvo did mention its soon launch in the near future but with the condition of working with only limited and selected customers.

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