Use more Google Assistant in the Google Home than in the mobile

I recently acquired  a Google Home Mini , the new Google device that gives us the best of Google assistant on a speaker. I was somewhat skeptical, because although I use Google Assistant on my mobile phone, not in such a usual way that I was driven to buy the gadget. By chance, I had it for free. And …  it has surprised me.

In the few days when I am enjoying the Home I have used a lot more Assistant from this speaker than from the mobile. So much has happened that Assistant on my Android has been relegated to a zero on the left, using all my commands to the speaker. This has raised a question that we will answer in this article:  What is wrong?

The comfort of the voice at any time

I have the speaker on my desk, where I work and where I am most of the time. An “Ok Google” is enough to trigger it, and although the theme of the commands is a bit cumbersome (and even more so “little” developed “), it is simply very comfortable to ask anything and to organize the day in a jiffy .

In practical example, what I do is ask the time, the news, and set reminders and alarms. These two sections are very important, because with a little voice  I have organized my day to day and I can wake up without touching the mobile.

Let’s give a practical example. The Google Home wakes me up, and I must stop it by going to touch it. With saying “Good morning” after the command tells me the time, news and if I want I can play music. And surely many will say:  “well, that you can do with the phone.” Yes, but with the subtle difference that  I just have to talk to do all this.

If I wanted to use my mobile to use Google Assistant, I would first have to pick it up, then unblock it, then do the command or press the button that would trigger it and then read and listen to all Assistant talk. Too many steps so that, just by raising your voice, you can access all these services.

What offers Assistant on the mobile?

Yes it is true that we change these advantages for  a significant cost. Temporarily leaving aside the cost of the phone, Google Assistant is more accessible on our mobile (by taking it anywhere), we can see more information on the screen and above all it is “free”, since the most basic Google Home costs  4730 INR(69 USD).

And as we said, the Google Home to have to be static only works with a location. We can consult it all the time easily and simply in any part we want, so with these ballots, the Google Home should not make any sense. But the truth is that I’m not the only one that Google Home has given much more cane than your Android.

I know of cases close to mine, in which the use of Assistant on the mobile was rather sporadic. Consult certain things, curious data, and if that send a specific message using voice commands. Yes, we can use all the information on the screen, and that’s a plus. But that is not enough.

So what’s wrong?

There are several reasons why we can reason why we who love the Google Home we love it so much. We are going to explain why, being more accessible and more usable Assistant on the mobile has less success in front of the Google Home.

The Home specializes in one thing

There is something undeniable, and that is that Google Assistant in our country is a very young softwareWe can barely do 4 things with it, and it is not as developed and does not have the same infrastructure to function as in other countries like the United States. And is that the little we can do with Assistant, we can do with many more things.

The Google Home has a specific focus, and it is in those tasks. That says, that he will offer us only and exclusively Assistant software in more accessible way for his environment. The one who buys it, then, will not be tempted as in Android to make use of other tools, but will use it for what he has bought it.

In Assistant we can put a reminder, but  for that we have apps for calendars and tasks. If we want to set an alarm, the same thing: our clock app will do it. And all the same. With the exception of certain people, we will all use the apps and tools before we wait for a software to do it for us, taking the process further.

The organization is the key

It is not the same to organize everything from the mobile phone than from a specific site. The key of the Home is that they are positioned in a place, and therefore,  everything we organize in it will be related to its use. If we put it on our work desk, it will be for work tasks.And If we put it in the kitchen, it will be to look for kitchen information.

If we use the telephone to organize our day, it is very possible that by spending so much time with us we can  not clarify and organize too many things, ending in distractions. It is not the first time that I try to put my tasks up to date on my mobile phone and I forget or get confused by having it there. With Home, what is planned on your site is done on the site.

The voice, the strong point, is not ashamed to use it

The strength of Google Assistant is the use of voice. We can make use of this software only with the voice, and it must be said, it is much better than walking around the screen playing. The problem: talking to your cell phone in the street is embarrassing. And outdoors is not something we’re going to do. And I know that Assistant can be used with a keyboard, but for that, I get into the Google app that is faster.

With the Home, there’s no problem. First, we will use it in a room, which greatly helps your hearing. Also, if we talk to you,  we will not have to suffer embarrassment for anyone , especially if we do not live with anyone. Not to say that we can listen to music in it much more clearly, another of its additions.

In summary: Home is the future, and Android has a way

From this reflection I draw the following conclusion: Google Home represents the future in terms of home automation intelligence, and  Google Assistant in Android has a way to goWe lack reasons not to use the tools of a lifetime before the software offered by Google, and Home is the first stone in the construction of a fully connected smart home.

Is Home better than Android then? No, it does not have to. But it does turn out to be a perfect excuse for those of us who love using Google software but we do not get the most out of it, as is my case. It is a reflection, and it does not have to be the absolute reality. But it is a possible explanation to why a phenomenon that I myself did not expect to suffer.

Google is the future, you just have to know how to distribute it.

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