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Danish Kapoor

“Unsupported processor”: Windows 11 becomes a nightmare for some users after the latest update

On a normal day you try to turn on your computer. After a few minutes, instead of the desk, you are greeted by an impertinent blue screen of death (BSOD, for its acronym in English). If you are a Windows user, possibly at some point in history you have witnessed a scenario like this, which, by the way, is one of the most uncomfortable that exists.

While startup problems have become less and less common as computing has evolved, we can still encounter certain situations where our operating system literally breaks. This is what some Windows 11 users are experiencing these days, says Microsoft itself.

BSOD, a headache that is still alive

The Redmond company indicated this week that it is investigating a bug that prevents its most recent operating system from starting correctly. Specifically, the problem is related to a blue screen of death that displays the message “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” after installing the KB5029351 update.

While an official conclusion on what happened has yet to be issued, affected Reddit users suggest that the issue is related to a BIOS update released by MSI for some of its motherboards. Its purpose was to prepare the devices to work with 14th generation Intel processors.

Users have reached this preliminary conclusion after discovering that many of them had something in common: some of the variants of the MSI Z690 and Z790 boards with the BIOS updated to the latest version released by the manufacturer. Likewise, they have indicated how they have been able to temporarily solve the error.

Windows 11 Start Print

According to what they say, a series of reboots could cause Windows 11 to automatically reverse the effects of the installation, allowing it to start normally after the scare. This solution has also been recommended by Microsoft, a company that has decided to withdraw the update in question until it can identify the source of the problem.

Let us remember that before any general deployment, Windows updates “graduate” in different preliminary stages. However, Windows works on millions of devices with different hardware in different combinations, a reality that usually means that sometimes updates break something.

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Just as it is important to keep our equipment updated to receive the latest security patches and improvements, it is also advisable to have backup copies to deal with unforeseen situations. And, if your Windows does not start, at TechGIndia we have a dedicated article with the most common solutions to try to repair it.

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