Uber Travel Taxi Can Cut Travel Time In Mumbai By 90% | So, Is It Coming?

Mumbai awaits flying Uber travel taxi services that claim to reduce the travel time by 90 % between the city’s airport and Churchgate. Yes, that’s true. This upcoming service will be first of its kinds air taxis through which one can cover the same distance in a mere 10 minutes of time.

Uber Air Taxi service official launch 

One of the strongest players amongst cab aggregators, internationally, Uber has announced to commercially launch its air taxi services by the year 2023. Initially, citizens of Los Angeles and Dallas, in the US will only be able to avail of the services but the company is likely to soon launch it in India, thereafter.

Uber to pick one city out of five countries as the third partner 

As published on auto.ndtv.com, as of now, Uber’s aerial cab services are yet to shortlist an international city in the third position for its launch, which will probably be not from the US. The countries that have been zeroed down for the next pick of the aerial Uber travel taxi services include Australia, Japan, France, India, and Brazil. India’s Mumbai, providing the most promising and the best market space after the US, the chances are more for this metropolitan to get selected by Uber.

In an illustration, presented by Eric Allison, the Chief Executive of Uber Aviation Program mentioned that this futuristic approach towards commutation will prove to be cost-effective and the rooftops of the high rise buildings in the city will be stationed at its air taxi ports. Keeping in the mind the congestion on the roads of any metropolitan, Uber travel taxi will be designed to fly above the ground at the same as low as not to hinder the airspace for other aviation aircraft.

Features and cost of Uber Air Taxi Services 

As mentioned above, these flying Uber travel taxis will reduce the travel time in Mumbai by 90%, which undoubtedly, makes it the fastest cab services in India. The vehicles used for this services will somewhat be similar to helicopters but will make less noise due to the installation of multiple rotors. It is also rumoured that the cost for travelling through Uber air taxis will be somewhere close to Uber X per passenger for a mile.

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