Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Two applications can be downloaded at the same time from Google Play Store

The feature of simultaneous downloading and installing applications via Google Play Store has been tested intermittently for the last few years. It seems that the feature in question has finally started to meet all users.

To see this feature in action, it is necessary to download two applications simultaneously. Downloading major apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be helpful to understand how the feature works. As the screenshots show, the progress of the download process can be followed both from the Play Store and from the home screen.

Within the scope of the new feature, only two applications can be downloaded simultaneously. It is necessary to wait a little longer for a third application to be downloaded. If a command is given for the third application, there will be a “waiting” text under the application icon on the home screen.

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New Google Play Store feature cannot be used in updates

It should be noted that the new Google Play feature is only valid for new application downloads. In updates, two updates cannot be made simultaneously. It is worth saying that this is an innovation that will be especially useful when installing a new Android phone or tablet.

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Danish Kapoor