Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Traces of TikTok’s private photo application were seen in the codes

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Instagram and TikTok have been in fierce competition in recent years. The popularity of TikTok’s vertical and short videos pushed Instagram to develop the Reels format and focus on this area. Now, it is understood from an application code leaked to the internet that TikTok will focus on photos, which are the founding element of Instagram. The codes show that a special photo sharing platform called “TikTok Photos” will be established for this.

A review by TheSpAndroid of the codes of the latest version of TikTok’s Android app shows that there are many references to this particular Photos app. There are also commands here such as “Open Photos” or “Share this post in Photos”.

On TikTok, users have long been able to share many photos with videos in slide show format. It seems that the new application aims to provide a more focused and in-depth photography experience. The code also shows that users will be able to sync their photos in the main application with this special application, but this will be optional.

tiktok photos

It is also possible to see the icon of this new application in the codes. While it is noticeable that the color scheme of TikTok’s original logo is preserved in this icon, it appears that a different letter P was preferred as the logo.

When will the TikTok Photos application be released?

It is currently unclear when TikTok’s new Photos application will be released. However, the emergence of the codes shows that it is not far off for this application to meet users on both iOS and Android soon. It will not be a surprise to see other details about this application coming soon.

Danish Kapoor