Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Tim Cook: “I can't say Apple Intelligence will fix artificial intelligence mistakes 100 percent”

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook isn't sure the company can stop AI's sometimes-completely disconnected errors from reality. Speaking to The Washington Post, Cook said he would “never claim” with 100 percent confidence that the new Apple Intelligence system would not produce false or misleading information.

Apple CEO said: “I think we've done everything we know how to do, including thinking very deeply about whether the technology is ready in the areas we use it. Therefore, I am sure that this will be of great quality. But I would honestly say it's less than 100 percent. “I can never claim that it is 100 percent.”

Apple announced the new Apple Intelligence system, which will bring artificial intelligence features to iPhone, iPad and Mac. These features will help users with tasks such as composing email replies, creating custom emojis, summarizing text, and more.

As with all other artificial intelligence systems, this brings with it the possibility of errors that are far from reality. Recent examples of how AI can get things wrong include last month when Google's AI Gemini suggested using glue to put cheese on pizza. In addition, similar types of errors were encountered in ChatGPT.

Apple also announced a partnership with OpenAI to embed ChatGPT into Siri. The voice assistant will return to ChatGPT when it receives a question that is more appropriate for the chatbot, but will ask for your permission before doing so. It is also noteworthy that during Apple's demo at WWDC, there was a warning at the bottom of the screen saying “Check important information for errors”.

Tim Cook also talked about Apple and OpenAI collaboration

Cook said Apple chose OpenAI because it is a “pioneer” on privacy and has the “best model” right now. Cook also stated that the company is open to other collaborations in the coming period. Apple's senior vice president Craig Federighi had previously stated that Google Gemini could also be added to iOS.

Danish Kapoor