Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Three new ISOCELL sensors from Samsung: 200-megapixel HP9, 50-megapixel GNJ and 50-megapixel JN5

Samsung has added three new image sensors to its ISOCELL series. With its new sensors, the company aims to shorten the distance between main cameras and supporting cameras.

Among this trio, the ISOCELL HP9 stands out. The HP9, a 200-megapixel telephoto sensor, comes with 0.56 μm pixels. It is worth noting that the sensor size is also 1/1.4 inches. The sensor has special high-refractive microlenses that improve light-gathering capabilities and accurately direct more light to the RGB filter.

Compared to the previous model, the ISOCELL HP9 offers 12 percent better light sensitivity and 10 percent better autofocus. It uses Tetra-pixel technology, which combines 16 pixels to act as a large 12MP 2.24μm sensor. The HP9 also supports 2x or 4x in-sensor zoom modes, and can zoom up to 12x when paired with a 3x telephoto lens, according to the official specifications.

ISOCELL GNJ is a 50-megapixel dual-pixel sensor with 1.0 μm pixels and 1/1.57″ dimensions. The sensor features upgraded deep channel isolation (DTI) materials that transition from polysilicon to silicon oxide to minimize crosstalk between adjacent pixels.

Additionally, it offers improved power consumption with a 29 percent reduction in preview mode and a 34 percent reduction in video mode at 4K 60 fps.

ISOCELL JN5 is another 50 MP sensor with 0.64 μm pixels and 1/2.76 inch optical format. It features Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (VTG) technology, which reduces noise in extremely low light conditions by improving charge transfer within the pixels. JN5 also uses Super QPD (Quad Phase Detection) to compare phase differences both vertically and horizontally, thus improving autofocus.

Samsung describes the JN5 as a versatile and slim solution suitable for use on main and sub-cameras, including wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, front and telephoto.

When will phones carrying the new members of the Samsung ISOCELL family be released?

Although Samsung has not given any information about when its new sensors will come to smartphones, it is worth remembering that ISOCELL HP9 is present in the telephoto sensor of the Vivo X100 Ultra.

Danish Kapoor