Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

There is no monetary exchange yet within the Apple and OpenAI partnership

Apple and OpenAI are preparing to integrate ChatGPT into the Apple ecosystem with a partnership announced at the WWDC 2024 event this week. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the parties are not making any payments to each other yet in this cooperation. Apple thinks having OpenAI on hundreds of millions of Apple devices is worth more than monetary payments.

The news states that this agreement is not limited to OpenAI only, and that Apple is also in similar negotiations with other artificial intelligence (AI) service providers such as Anthropic and Google. A deal for Google's Gemini service is expected to be finalized by the end of the year. Apple aims to create a wide range of AI services by offering various AI services to its users.

Apple is looking for ways to make money from these collaborations and is considering revenue sharing models. This means AI providers share some of the revenue from their chatbot services with Apple. For example, revenue from ChatGPT Plus' $20 monthly subscription plan.

Model between Apple and OpenAI could create alternative to search engines

Apple predicts that chatbots and big language models will draw users away from traditional search engines. This isn't an ideal situation for the billions of dollars Google paid Apple to be the iPhone's default search engine. Therefore, revenue sharing agreements could be a way for Apple to close this gap.

The Apple Intelligence and OpenAI agreement is an important step in Apple's AI strategy. Apple plans to support languages ​​other than American English next year, according to Bloomberg. On the other hand, in China, where access to ChatGPT is limited, it is considering the idea of ​​​​agreement with Baidu and Alibaba to offer chatbot services.

Integration of ChatGPT and similar AI models will enable users to access information more efficiently and effectively. This is in line with Apple's strategy to offer a wider range of services to its users. On the other hand, Apple plans to take important steps in the Chinese market within the scope of its artificial intelligence strategy. Possible agreements with Baidu and Alibaba will enable users in China to benefit from Apple's AI services.

The mutually beneficial partnership between Apple and OpenAI seems to have a huge impact on the technology world. This collaboration will strengthen Apple's AI strategy and provide users with access to more advanced AI services. Apple's future steps will determine how this strategy will take shape.

Danish Kapoor