Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

The transparent laptop concept that Lenovo will introduce at MWC 2024 has been leaked

Although transparent screens have found a place in concept products for years, they may be approaching commercial use this time. According to leaks, Lenovo may introduce a transparent laptop prototype at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of this month. Famous leak source In the images published by Evan Blass, two different prototypes of this unusual device stand on a table, and the other computer is visible through the transparent screen of the upper one. This is the second time the interesting concept device has been leaked.

Practical use of Lenovo transparent laptop is controversial

Following the news that some trains in China and Japan are equipped with OLED screens that can turn into transparent windows, and that LG is developing transparent televisions that it plans to put on sale in 2024, it seems that Lenovo may now be ready to move from the concept stage to a commercial product.

Technology enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see how Lenovo will offer the benefits it offers in daily use if it exhibits this device at MWC. Because desktop users have a very limited need to see behind the laptop screen. It is obvious that due to the size of the device, looking sideways will be sufficient. There are ideas that the most likely use area is store clerks or receptionists who want to avoid screen interference while communicating with customers face to face.

Other features of the Lenovo concept transparent laptop

Thanks to leaked press images, it is observed that Lenovo’s concept design includes a completely flat, touch-sensitive keyboard. In the images, there is also a pen next to the device, so it is understood that drawings can be made on the screen. Again, from the screenshot, it is understood that the Windows 11 operating system will be used on the device.

It is not guaranteed that the transparent laptop concept that Lenovo will introduce at MWC will go into mass production. Last year, the company exhibited a computer with a foldable screen whose screen can extend from bottom to top when you press the button, again at the Mobile World Congress, but the device is still not at the commercial launch stage. Therefore, it is possible that the final concept design will suffer the same fate.

Danish Kapoor