Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

The new Pixel 8 seem more expensive than ever… until we think about inflation

New year, new Pixel. Doubly, and there are already a few. The eighth generation of the telephone made by Googleaccompanied by the usual Pro version, arrived amid fanfare for a promise that the user is grateful for: seven years of updates guaranteed by its manufacturer.

For the rest, some improvements that are not so obvious to the naked eye, such as those of its Actua OLED screen or the new features of its Tensor G3 chip, or the photographic improvements based on Artificial Intelligence.

And well, a price increase of which it is a little difficult to digest. But let’s see it in context.

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The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro arrive at a starting price of 799 and 1,099 euros in Spain, respectively. That is 150 and 200 euros increase compared to the same models of version 7, news of those that require a mint pennyroyal to help them fall down their throat.

Furthermore, this increase occurred in 2023, when more than a year has passed since inflation reached double digits in Spain. An increase in that context does not feel the same as in this one, when it is assumed that prices are already stabilizing and when the uncomfortable neighbor announced a surprising reduction in almost all of its new models.

This is the evolution of the price of the Pixel in Spain since the first model came out in 2016, when the jump was made from the Nexus brand. Let us remember that not all models reached the Spanish market in all their variants.

Indeed, the Pixel 8 Pro is the most expensive in history, at least in nominal price, touching 1,100 euros. The Pixel 8, on the other hand, is behind the Pixel 3, which surpassed it by 50 euros, even though it arrived five years earlier.

But these prices do not include the adjustment for inflation, which helps to homogenize the figures and understand who was really more expensive. And there some tables change.

Thus it is clearly seen that The Pixel 3 was the most expensive in history, both in its standard version and in its XL versiontheir prices then equivalent to 999 and 1,175 euros today.

If we look at the ‘a’ model, the Pixel 7a is the most expensive, with almost 530 euros. We will have to see if it exceeds the 8a or not when it is announced, presumably next spring.

Inflation, very low and stable and even negative during the last decade, skyrocketed in 2021 and especially in 2022, causing us to have to rethink our assessment of the new prices compared to those a few years ago.

Beyond that, we can discuss whether the price increase of the Pixel 8 (less pronounced in the United States than in Spain) is justified, at least based on the list of specifications, which is opening an increasingly larger gap with respect to the version Pro.

In exchange, yes, we can discuss one of the biggest differentiating factors of a Pixel compared to other Android terminals: its software. But that is another question.

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Danish Kapoor