Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

The latest thing about Windows 11 is to allow us to write by hand almost anywhere: this is how the new Windows Ink works

Since Windows 10, users of the Microsoft operating system have at our disposal Windows Ink for handwriting on compatible devices. However, this tool had a series of limitations that allowed us to use it so freely.

For example, if we wanted to enter text with a pencil in the system Start menu search box, we simply couldn’t do it. This has just changed in the most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system. Let’s look at what’s new in handwriting.

Now you can write almost anywhere

Windows 11 update KB5031455 comes with important changes for Windows Ink. Now it is possible handwrite in most system text fields. This is a novelty that provides greater flexibility of use for users.

This means that, if we have a computer with a touch screen and a compatible pen, we can, for example, write by hand a term like “Windows Update” in the Settings search box. This novelty is available in English, although Microsoft has promised to expand support to other languages.

Windows 11 Tablet Device Render Print

Let’s remember that Windows Ink converts our stroke into digital writing. In this sense, the tool has also just incorporated a system of more accurate recognition and a variety of gestures to delete, select, join and split words.

To establish the settings to our liking we will have to enter Setting > Bluetooth and devices > Pencil & Windows Ink.

The aforementioned update also comes with other new features, such as Microsoft Copilot (not available in Spain), improvements in the appearance of the Windows Explorernew design of the Start menu thumbnails, native support for RAR files, a Passkey manager, among others.

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It should be noted that KB5031455 is an optional update. A positive aspect is that you can choose to get it early. To do this you have to go to Setting > Windows Update and look for it in the Optional updates available section.

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Danish Kapoor