Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Tesla has eaten the toast of the car industry in just a few years. His secret: learn from Apple

According to a study carried out by the consulting firm Bionic in the United Kingdom, Netflix is ​​the company to which its users show the greatest loyalty. It is surprising because the streaming service has made dubious decisions in recent times that could have put its brand image at risk. Although data surpasses perception.

And it’s also surprising because, if we had to say which company gets the most loyalty from its buyers, it’s very likely that we would choose Manzana. Those from Cupertino are not far away and in the Bionic report they are in second position, ahead of Amazon, supermarkets like Aldi, beers like Brewdog or coffee shops like Starbucks.

The list includes up to 20 firms and none of them are from an automotive company. At S&P Global Mobility, however, they analyze how the specific vehicle sector is doing. And, here, Tesla is the outstanding leader. With difference.

The experience and the user

In 2019, our colleague Mikel Fonseca collected in TechGIndia What does their connection with a brand mean to a fan? “For me they are like another type of family,” said Jessica Mateo, president of the Mi Fan Club of Valencia, regarding her relationship with Xiaomi.

The key, stated in the article, is given by Stanley Rapp, modern marketing guru: success is “in the ‘experience’ of the brand overcome ‘perception’ David Barahona, a digital marketing expert, explained that “the different products have been positioned as entities with their own personality and that define you as related to their philosophy and part of their community.”

They are definitions that can be applied without problems to Tesla. In fact, the S&P Global Mobility report highlights that “Tesla has demonstrated that it has a strong connection with its customers.” Experts say it’s because “calculated price drops and timely incentive offers have helped increase interest and maintain the brand’s positive momentum.”

The results are especially important in a context where brand loyalty in the automotive market continues to decline. In 2019 and 2022, almost 55% of drivers would repeat the purchase of a car from the same brand. In 2023, the loyalty has fallen to 50.6%. According to the consultancy, “recent years have shown that if a consumer has a need for a certain type of vehicle, he will not wait for his preferred brand to supply it.”

According to data from S&P Global Mobility, in the electric car sector, 76.6% of Tesla customers would repeat their next purchase within the brand. In addition, they point out that Elon Musk’s company has achieved a large transfer of customers from the Tesla Model 3 to the Model Y, remaining loyal to the company.

The brands that have stayed closest to Tesla are Mercedes and Jaguar-Land Rover that with a 56% loyalty rate they see the American company very far away. Among luxury electric cars, only BMW is losing support among its customers, with a decrease of 0.7% in the last three years. Despite this, it remains at 45.9%, above Porsche (36.8%) and not far behind Audi (50.1%).

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Danish Kapoor