Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Telegram gifts Premium subscription to participants of its new program

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Telegram stands out as the most popular among WhatsApp alternatives. Many innovative features are coming to Telegram before WhatsApp. Apparently, the company now offers Telegram Premium subscription to some of its users for free. However, this free access comes with many disadvantages.

The company has launched Peer-to-Peer Login (P2PL) on Android, as reported on the Telegram Info English channel and the company's updated terms of service. This program allows other users to log in to the messaging app by sending one-time PINs (OTPs) via SMS using Telegram's phone number.

Telegram stated that it will use the phone numbers to send a maximum of 150 OTPs via SMS every month. Unfortunately, the participating user will be responsible for all SMS costs incurred as part of this program, including international messaging costs if the recipient is not in that area. But there seems to be a toggle to at least choose not to send OTP texts to international numbers.

However, the problem with Telegram's new service seems to be privacy rather than operator fees. While the phone numbers of the users participating in the program can be seen by the recipients, the participants can also see the numbers of the recipients. This can be defined as a serious problem.

Telegram's terms of service for this feature state that it will not be liable for any harassment or harm from users who obtain your phone number via P2PL.

The company's terms of service state: “In return, you agree not to communicate with any OTP recipients outside the scope of your participation in P2PL. “You agree not to send any messages beyond automatic SMS codes generated by your Telegram app, even if the recipient responds to you.”

What advantages does Telegram Premium bring?

So why might people want to participate in this program despite the serious privacy risk? The company offers a gift code for a monthly Telegram Premium subscription if participants reach the minimum OTP quota sent. For 109.99 TL per month, several benefits such as uploading files up to 4 GB, faster downloads, audio/video message transcriptions, premium stickers/icons and more await users.

Danish Kapoor