Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Telegram challenges WhatsApp in another area with its new features for businesses

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Telegram does not have as large a user base as WhatsApp. However, opportunities for businesses are now also offered here. Businesses will also be able to communicate with their customers via Telegram. Users will be able to convert their accounts to business accounts if they wish, thus accessing features that will make it easier for customers to contact them.

Businesses will be able to show their opening hours on their profiles and mark their location on a map. By determining the working hours, customers will be able to easily see whether the business is currently serving or not.

Businesses will also be able to customize their start pages; will be able to display information about their products and services on empty chat screens. This will allow them to give customers an idea of ​​what the offers are before they even contact them. To make it easier to answer multiple questions, Business accounts will also be able to create and save preset messages that they can send as quick replies.

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These features are available to Telegram Premium subscribers

Businesses will also be able to pre-write welcome and away messages that are automatically sent to customers who contact them. A bot can also be used to chat with customers. It is worth noting that all these features are available to Premium subscribers.

Danish Kapoor