Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Spain is left without Copilot for Windows 11: EU regulation slows its deployment in Europe

Last week Microsoft announced the arrival of an important Windows 11 update. The operating system includes Microsoft Copilot for the first timean artificial intelligence assistant that users could enjoy on those computers starting September 26.

Yesterday the update actually began to be deployed among Windows 11 users, but the TechGIndia editors who tried to carry it out discovered that we could not access Copilot. Had we done something wrong? No. These functions are simply not yet available in Spain or Europe.

Those responsible for Microsoft themselves explained in an article on their blog the steps to be able to enjoy “the latest innovations of Windows 11”, which will be available to those who already have Windows 11 in version 22H2 on their computers – the big update of the year past-.

It is the upgrade to Windows 11 2023 Update (version 23H2) which includes the latest improvements in applications and, above all, the long-awaited Copilot. This assistant integrated into the operating system allows you to speed up all types of tasks when working with a Windows PC and with the applications and services that we use on it.

However, the release of the update in general and the availability of Copilot in particular will not be as immediate as we would like. Both my colleagues and I have seen how the update that has appeared so far is cumulative – specifically, KB5030310 – like so many others in recent months.

Specifically, they explain at Microsoft, “initial markets for the preview version of Copilot on Windows include North America and parts of Asia and South America.”

However, they clarify, “the European Economic Area (EEA) will be available as soon as we can offer a service that complies with EEA rules“. Those responsible for the company emphasize that their goal is for “Copilot on Windows to be available in the EEA as soon as possible.”

What is the obstacle? European regulation and, specifically, the DMA or Digital Markets Law, which makes companies guardians of our data. Both the DMA and the DSA came into force on November 1, 2022, but they began to be really applied in May of this year, and affect, among other things, the deployment of services such as Copilot.

That is why Microsoft explains that “we are working with an ambitious schedule to bring Copilot for Windows to the EEA in full compliance with the WFD and we will continue to collaborate with the European Commission as these compliance efforts progress.”

The firm concludes by clarifying that it has begun “testing and implementing changes so that designated services fully comply with the EU Digital Markets Law before March 2024“So, that seems to be the deadline by which we will receive both the update and Copilot. It is possible, however, that both options will in fact arrive sooner, and when they do, we will be attentive.

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Danish Kapoor