Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Snapchat adds watermark to images created with artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence develops, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand whether something was created with artificial intelligence. While marking images created by artificial intelligence stands out as the most easily applicable solution, Snapchat also joined those who adopted this solution.

Now, when images created by artificial intelligence on Snapchat are saved to the camera roll or exported, a watermark will be added to show that they were prepared with artificial intelligence.

It should be noted that this is not a surprising step. The watermark Snapchat chose was the app's ghost-shaped logo with sparks added around the ghost. The location where the watermark will be placed will be determined randomly and users will not have a say in it. This feature will be available soon.

Snapchat had already started to clearly show the effect of artificial intelligence

Work on labeling content created within the application on Snapchat had already begun. It is shown with a spark icon using the “Extend” feature, which applies a zoom out effect on an image. It is clearly stated that the Dreams feature, which turns selfies into fantastic images, receives help from artificial intelligence.

Danish Kapoor