Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung will translate calls in real time on the new Galaxy. It will be like activating the subtitles

Samsung has anticipated what will be one of the great novelties of its future Galaxy (predictably the Galaxy S24). And it is neither the new processor nor the new camera, but a new AI. And among its features there is one that seems really useful: a real-time translator for calls.

Translating between several languages ​​is not something new, since tools like Google Translate have offered us that option for years. The novelty lies in the ease of use. Starting with the next Galaxy, Samsung is going to implement the new AI Live Translate Call system.

Ai Live Call

We are, as Samsung describes, before a tool that will be integrated directly into the native phone app of Samsung mobile phones and that will allow people who speak another language to understand each other in a simple way.

By activating the translation option, we will see the entire conversation, translated, on the mobile screen. As if they were subtitles, but from the real-time conversation that we are having with the person. A full-fledged subtitle system but instead of applying it to videos or movies, to telephone conversations.

Regarding the privacy of this real-time translation system, Samsung explains that since the AI ​​is integrated into the phone, private conversations will be processed within the phone and they will not go up to the cloud.

There is already an AI that translates Torrente, Belén Esteban or Xokas into English or Italian.  And it's wonderful

This translation system for calls is part of Samsung’s commitment to its new artificial intelligence. Samsung Gauss is the name given to the South Korean manufacturer’s generative AI. An AI with three aspects. A language model specialized in translating and writing; one for programming and a third for generating images.

Danish Kapoor