Samsung is Offering Galaxy Watch For Rs 9999 To Galaxy Note 9 Buyers

For all the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 buyers, here’s a great deal for you which has been rolled out recently. As per this deal which can be availed till the initial days of the month of October 2018, all the ones who will be purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, are eligible to get a Galaxy watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone as well as the Galaxy smartwatch both were launched hand in hand and were made available in the country a few days back. Whereas, in order to avail this offer, there are certain requirements which are to be fulfilled by the buyers in the first place.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Limited Period Offer

In a limited period offer, all the people who wish to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone can get the new Galaxy smartwatch for an amount of Rs. 9,999. As in India, two variants of this Samsung Galaxy watch are available, that is the 42mm as well as the 46 mm which are priced at Rs. 24,990 and Rs. 29,990 respectively, the offer is available for the 42 mm variant only.

But all the buyers who are interested to avail this offer should note that this is a limited period offer. The offer was rolled for the public from September 26, 2018, and is valid till October 20, 2018. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone was launched in India in the month of August 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features

The latest flagship device which has been launched by Samsung for huge customer base is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With the limited period of getting the new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, the customers can now purchase the phone with the availability of a new color option. The new color with the name of ‘Cloud Silver’ is available in the US and can be purchased from the official website of the Samsung Store from mid-October onwards.

Apart from this colour, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available in other colors like Midnight Black, Metallic Copper as well as Lavender Purple with come with a matching S Pen. Whereas, if you purchase the colour option of Ocean Blue, you get an S Pen of yellow colour.

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