Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy S25 series could offer the fastest storage solution ever

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Samsung Semiconductor recently unveiled its roadmap detailing its plans for next-generation Universal Flash Storage (UFS) solutions. This can also be considered as the first clue about what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25 series may bring.

Smartphones are getting more powerful every year, and processors are often cited as the heroes behind this progress. But there is another important component that is often overlooked: storage speed. Just as a wider highway with a higher speed limit allows for faster traffic flow, faster storage allows your phone to handle data transfers, downloads, and everything else that relies on moving information much more efficiently.

Samsung Semiconductor's roadmap states that the company plans to launch quad-lane UFS 4.0 technology next year before moving to UFS 5.0 in 2027. 2024 flagship Android phones come with UFS 4.0 storage. These devices support data reading and writing speeds of up to 4 GB/s. According to the roadmap, with four-lane UFS 4.0, these speeds will double and reach up to 8 GB/s.

According to Samsung; Faster load times and more efficient on-device AI applications are just some of the potential benefits of the next-generation storage solution, which is planned to begin production in 2024 and ship in 2025.

Galaxy S25 series is the most suitable area for Samsung to transition to new technology

Considering Samsung's production timeline, it seems reasonable to expect the Galaxy S25 series to be the first smartphones to adopt quad-lane UFS 4.0 storage technology. With Samsung's recent focus on on-device AI with the Galaxy S24 series, this upgrade fits perfectly with its strategy, considering the promised improvements its upcoming storage solutions will bring to this area.

UFS 5.0 technology, which seems likely to be introduced with the Galaxy S27 series, will increase data reading and writing speeds up to 10 GB/s.

Danish Kapoor