This Samsung DeX Laptop is just what we want for the Galaxy S8

The creativity of some users knows no limits. With a bit of electronics and a little knowledge, this XDA Developers user has managed to turn an old laptop into a Samsung Dex, Macbook version, or something.

One of the most interesting accessories of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is none other than the Samsung Dex. This is a dock that allows us to connect the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or Note 8 to a screen, and thanks to USB connections, convert our mobile into a complete computer.

A user of XDA Developers has done it again, a Samsung DeX laptop

There are quite a few stories that start with some XDA Developers user with an idea and enough time to execute it. In this case, the user kreal decided that he wanted to be able to connect his mobile to a laptop, so he has set up a home solution that more than one would drive him crazy.

To achieve this, has used an old Macbook Pro 2008, which has completely disassembled, eliminating most components. Through a board, has managed to connect the internal screen of the laptop to the HDMI port, and the keyboard and trackpad to the USB connector.

If you want to know more about the feat of kreal, we recommend reading the original article, which details step by step the steps you have taken to achieve it, something that seems more affordable than more than one might think.

Link to XDA Developers thread

The Motorola Atrix showed us the way, and we want these devices to come back

Is it worth this mod for the Galaxy S8? Well if we check the video that the creator uploaded, we could say yes, since the device works as if we connect the Galaxy S8 to an external screen, but with the advantage of being able to take it wherever we want.

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The most iconic Android phones: Motorola Atrix Edition

Taking into account that mobile phones like the iPhone 8 have already reached potential laptops, we can not avoid thinking about Motorola’s innovation with its Atrix, and think that maybe we are already in the right moment for this type of accessories to return to the market.

Specifically, we would like to see an ultra-thin Samsung model, with excellent autonomy and AMOLED screen. Without cost, of course.

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