Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung already has its own ChatGPT. This is Samsung Gauss

Samsung is holding its forum on artificial intelligence these days. A little over a week ago it revealed some of its plans to lead when it comes to implementing it on mobile phones, but today it has taken the next step. The Korean giant has unveiled Samsung Gauss, its own generative artificial intelligence model.

Samsung Gauss, the new path for Samsung AI. Samsung’s plan for next year is to implement generative AI that works primarily locally, executed from the phone itself. To do this, it has needed to make certain advances in the GPU of its Exynos processors, as well as use the development already present in solutions such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

But the main thing, once the software base was established, was to create its own model. Developed by Samsung Research, Samsung Gauss honors Carl Friedrich Gauss, the well-known German mathematician. According to Samsung, the normal distribution is the backbone of machine learning and AI.

Gauss’s three components. This proposal mainly comprises three pillars. The first is Samsung Gauss Language, the model that will help users write emails, summarize documents or translate content, among others.

The second is Samsung Gauss Code, the coding assistant aimed at developers to make their work easier, since Samsung wants third parties to be able to participate and take advantage of the model.

Lastly we have Samsung Gauss Image. It is the image model capable of generating and editing images. You will be able to convert low resolution images to high resolution, change photo styles, add or remove elements, etc.

A moderate implementation. Samsung Gauss, a priori, will not have mass adoption in its early development phases. Samsung says that they are currently using this model to improve the productivity of their employees.

However, it hints that “it will be expanded to a variety of Samsung product applications to provide a new user experience in the near future.” The house is already built, it just needs people to start living inside.

Doubts with the Samsung Galaxy S24. Although Samsung announced that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be a leap forward in artificial intelligence, there is no guarantee that Gauss will arrive in time for this new family.

Be that as it may, it is clear that AI will be the next big leap for Samsung, and that it is making leaps and bounds to be able to compete with the best with its own model.

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Danish Kapoor