Review: Razer’s Raiju controller for PlayStation 4

Although Razer focuses more on PC peripherals, it does not forget consolers. It maintains in the market two controls, one for Xbox One that I tried last year called Wildcat, and a model for PlayStation 4 called Raiju and that has fallen in my hands recently. The reference of this type of controls is the Xbox Elite of Microsoft, but for the platform that is non-competitive.

That leaves the Raiju in a small group of elections for those who want a command with more xboxsera to replace the DualShock 4, which I consider is not a bad command, but I do not end up like the Xbox controller.

Specifications:┬áRazer’s Raiju controller for PlayStation 4

Razer sells the Raiju in a blue box to accompany the official color of PlayStation, inside which there are some interesting things. On the one hand, the remote control is inside a protective cover of good quality, for those who want to carry the remote or have it safely stored. It has an additional maintenance network, such as the micro-USB to USB cable to connect the remote to the PlayStation 4, since it is not a wireless controller.

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The controller has two blue joysticks, the usual steering crosshead, and the four action buttons typical of PlayStation. The gripping area also has a nice texture, in a blue color that is similar to that of PlayStation. The option and share buttons are also fast action, like the PlayStation, and the touch zone responds just as well as the DualShock 4 – and is a bit larger, which is appreciated.

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Inside the usual buttons on the front and the triggers there are two other configurable buttons. At the back there are also additional triggers that can be disassembled with the screwdriver included in the sheath, since they are buttons with a great sensitivity and that they are squeezed almost without wanting. Also included are two switches that allow you to choose the total distance of the L1 / R1 and L2 / R2 buttons.

On the front are four buttons to switch between the profiles of the remote, mute the microphone and control the volume of headphones connected to the included 3.5 mm jack. All buttons included in the remote can be reprogrammed and assigned to different profiles. The buttons of the crosshead are more separated than in the DualShock 4, and benefits the games of shots on the platforms, avoiding accidental pulsations in which it is not.

The controller is very comfortable to use, but requires getting used to the included buttons, quick action, and spend a little time thinking about how to reconfigure the additional buttons for each game.

Conclusion:┬áRazer’s Raiju controller for PlayStation 4

Razer made the Wildcat and Raiju a first attempt to enter a sector in which there is not much competition from high-end hands, and that the result is good, but uneven. The Raiju is not a command for any player because the action buttons are triggered almost unintentionally, just like the triggers.

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The profile of the player who can benefit from it is that of someone who likes shooting games and action above other genres, and in them will be an excellent command, even if it turns out to be a rather expensive command. It plays against the fact that it is not wireless, which for the current console player can be a big drawback. A good quality controller, but a second iteration should put it more on the Xbox Elite line of Xbox One.

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