Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Reservem, which brings restaurants together with technology, aims to grow by 300 percent in 2024.

Reservem, which combines the restaurant experience with technology with a special software developed for restaurants, brings the food and beverage experience to a perfect point. Integrating next-generation technologies into reservation systems today, the company directs the future of restaurants from a professional perspective with its strong software infrastructure. Reservem, which has included Michelin star and fine dining restaurants in the system, is preparing to serve in the B2C field in the near future. The company, which will offer a software where users can make their food and beverage preferences and experiences through its own mobile application, will add new momentum to its growth rate.

Reservem, which set out with the slogan “The Future of Hospitality” and provides service to more than 100 restaurants, increases the efficiency of restaurants with its customizable service approach and permanent solutions. Reservem, founded in 2018 by Bekir Topuz, who has extensive knowledge in technology and software, brings reservation management with technology and comfort, unlike traditional methods. The company makes the data in the entire reservation process readable and meaningful with its powerful Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure, and helps restaurants provide better quality service to their guests and increase service quality and business performance by analyzing data. The company, which tripled the number of restaurants it served in 2023 and achieved 200 percent growth, aims to grow 300 percent by reaching 250 locations in 2024. Thanks to the financial tools it offers to restaurants, it reached a total transaction volume of 140 million TL; 107 Million of this was provision and 32 Million was prepayment. It aims to increase its transaction volume to 250 million TL this year with the new services it will offer… My Reservem; TURK FATIH TUTAK provides services to many restaurants that have achieved great success in the sector, such as Neolokal, OD Urla, Vino Locale, Sankai by Nagaya, Banyan, Aheste, Ioki Nau, Sunset Grill&Bar, Oligark, Lokanta 1741 and Olden 1772.

Stating that they are the only company providing services in this field in Turkey and that they have achieved significant growth in a short time, Bekir Topuz said, “By combining the reservation management processes of restaurants with technology, we offer a perfect service, unlike traditional methods. As Reservem, we track all consumption and behavioral habits of the guests by creating a very powerful data analysis and reporting on the guests' restaurant journey with our software infrastructure. By providing communication and marketing optimization, we offer a serious cost advantage by ensuring more measurable and effective communication to the right target audience. As Reservation, we see going to the restaurant as an adventure of journey and experience. The service, facilities and communication that restaurants offer to their guests directly affect the course of this journey. We provide a unique eating and drinking experience by taking advantage of all the possibilities of technology without losing warm contact and sincerity. We provide a comprehensive service centered on technology in many areas, especially communication, which is one of the biggest problems experienced by the guest in the restaurant journey, as well as feedback, online reservation, reporting & analytics and SMS & e-mail notifications. It is a great pleasure for us to provide solutions in the digitalization journey and to support guests to have a better quality experience by bringing the food, beverage and entertainment industry together with technology. We are currently actively serving more than 100 businesses. There are also beach clubs and nightclubs among these, but we mainly provide services to restaurants. We achieved significant growth in a short time and closed the year 2023 with 200 percent growth. There is no other company in our country that can offer the service we offer, and we receive very serious demand from restaurants. We aim to maximize the guest experience with our constantly improving software infrastructure and share the advantages offered by the system with the whole world. We are a technology company with strong software know-how and potential for continuous growth with new investments in a very large market. “We aim to continue our growth rate domestically and go global by expanding abroad in 2024.” said.

Reservem, which expands its service network day by day with its strong and constantly developing technical infrastructure, adds a brand new vision to the food and beverage industry. The company plans to expand abroad, taking strength from the success it achieved in Turkey; It aims to carry Turkish culture and Turkish hospitality to all corners of the world. Stating that they have met with many restaurants and hotels in countries that have become popular in terms of tourism in recent years, such as Dubai and Egypt, Bekir Topuz said, “We continue our intensive negotiations with restaurants and hotels abroad in line with our globalization goals. Canada and Australia are among our target countries. We established our company in Canada this year and we will rapidly continue our activities there as Reservem Canada. We are proud to be faced with a great interest abroad as well as in Turkey… Thanks to the many different solution partnerships and value partnerships we will make this year, we will provide great value and perfect service to both restaurants and our guests both at home and abroad. “We will bring you together.” He expressed it as follows:

Preparing to offer an innovative technology where users can make their food and beverage preferences and experiences through its own mobile application, Reservem will take the reservation system to a whole new dimension. Users who can make reservations for all restaurants that Reservem works with through the Reservem Mobile Application; They will be presented with many privileged services such as seeing their past reservations and evaluations of other users, benefiting from VIP valet service by saving their vehicle information in the application, easily paying at the restaurant by registering their credit card in the application, and gifting gift certificates and tasting menus to their loved ones. When making a reservation, they will even be able to order cakes and flowers for their special day. Underlining that they will reshape the eating and drinking experience with the mobile application and offer many personalized services to their users, Bekir Topuz said, “We have reached a total of 970 thousand reservations since the first day of our establishment. We contacted 2.2 million people in total. However, with our Reservem Mobile application, we will have the opportunity to directly contact our users and provide them with a perfect reservation, experience and event system. We are confident that we will grow rapidly in a short time by becoming an indispensable part of the food and beverage experience with our mobile application. There is a great deficiency in this regard in our country. Thanks to this expansion of Reservem, we want to make business partnerships and value partnerships with upper segment brands. In this way, every brand will be able to organize the right advertising and campaign activities for the right target audience. At the same time, we will be able to gain mutual profit by cross marketing with the restaurants we serve. Users will be able to easily benefit from the most suitable campaigns, opportunities and privileges among many options.” He expressed it as follows:

Reservem, which includes Michelin star and fine dining restaurants in the system, offers the opportunity to easily make reservation requests without wasting any time; It provides reservation reminders to guests by sending SMS and e-mail notifications. Stating that in this way, they will ensure that the staff touches the keyboard 107 thousand times less in a single restaurant in 2023 alone, Rehberm also offers great time savings in terms of tracking reservations thanks to its automatic confirmation service. It reduces phone traffic by an average of 2 hours in just one restaurant. The company states that guests with reservations can learn their participation status easily and in a very short time by sending SMS and e-mails, and emphasizes that an average of 80 percent of the guests return. Reservem, which also allows feedback from guests, enables guests to analyze their entire restaurant journey in detail. The company, which provides financial tools for restaurants' nightmare, no show, significantly increases the efficiency of restaurants. At the same time, it contributes greatly to increasing restaurant revenues by systematizing reservation and occupancy planning. My reserve; It offers services to restaurants in many areas such as following customer approaches, increasing customer satisfaction, systematizing customer expectations without leaving them to individual initiative, the opportunity to make customer gestures by creating a loyal customer portfolio, measuring customer expectations, direct marketing opportunity with data management, control over guest experience and developing strategies. . The company, which recently added the “Event Module” to its services, also provides reservation and ticket sales services for events held in restaurants.

Reservem offers innovative solutions to restaurants, especially for no show, which is one of the most well-known chronic problems of fine dining restaurants; It helps minimize revenue loss and control table and occupancy. The company offers guests the opportunity to remind guests via SMS and e-mail notifications and cancel their reservations with a single click, and prevents no shows due to lack of communication. The guest can confirm or cancel his reservation by simply following the link in the message sent by the restaurant, without having to meet anyone. In this way, it provides the restaurant with the opportunity to receive new reservations instead of canceled reservations. Secondly, Reservem, which aims to prevent no shows with financial instruments, provides restaurants with the opportunity to receive provision or prepayment from their guests. Thus, while increasing the rate of customer compliance with reservations, it contributes to the reduction of no shows. Reservem provided restaurants with a direct income of 1.9 Million TL with the financial tools it offered.

Reservem also makes significant contributions in the field of reporting.

Today, almost every sector benefits from the advanced technology methods offered by digitalization. In this way, all business processes become more systematic and traceable, resulting in a huge gain in terms of efficiency. As in many sectors, the contributions of digitalization to restaurant management are quite high. Following technological developments, including artificial intelligence, Reservem provides great contributions to restaurants in terms of operational efficiency, certain insights and sustainability by creating a very powerful data analysis and reporting of the guests' restaurant journey. The company, which provides a lot of data about the reservation processes, states that, as a result of the analysis, guests make their reservations an average of 3.2 days in advance. Stating that 16.57 percent of the reservations were made for Friday, 16.18 percent for Saturday, 14.99 percent for Thursday and 14.50 percent for Wednesday, Rehberm says that the least reservations were made for Sunday with 11.06%. 48.70 percent of the reservations are for two people, 15.84 percent for four people, 15.41 percent for three people, 5.5 percent for five people and 4.5 percent for six people. The highest number of no shows occurs in reservations for 2 people and this rate is recorded as 11.64 percent. It offers restaurants the opportunity to analyze themselves through the eyes of their guests, having received more than 45 thousand feedback from guests regarding their experiences to date.

Danish Kapoor