Razer Invicta Mercury, Review: The Best Mouse pad For Your Gaming Needs

Razer has started selling its products in new colors, complementing its line of products in black and green. One of the new combinations focuses on a dark gray color, but the most striking is the one that arrives in white with silver finish. These blank products carry the nickname of Mercury, and as I have seen previously with the Blackwidow X Chroma and Lancehead Kraken 7.1 v2 Mercury of this series, they change the appearance of the peripherals better.

The Invicta rug is also in the Mercury product lot and is perhaps the most striking, especially for the predominant position it has on any desktop in front of the PC. As usual in Razer, even the presentation of this product of 59.99 dollars (About 3,500 INR) is remarkable. When removing the lid of the box in which the mat comes, it can be seen that it is inserted into a bag and inside a white plastic box with foam inside.

The rug is made up of two pieces, an aluminum base -motivo by which it comes so protected- and the rug itself. It is a good size base, with 255 × 355 × 4.5 mm, which also makes it a somewhat higher than normal carpet. It has a combined weight of 700 g. The aluminum finish of the base provides great stability to the floor mat, which can be removed without problems by pushing from the bottom.

This mat can be used on both sides. The main one, with the Razer logo on one corner, is white and has granulate and more common materials than other models of its price. It allows to perfectly slide any mouse of the company, but combined with the Lancehead, which is the most sliding mouse of all that I have tried so far, brings a sensational result.

The other side has a different touch, which is aimed at retaining a little more mouse movement and aim more accurately. What comes to say this is that there are two mats in one, and that can be used for any type of game and player. It gives a very good gliding sensation, and equally, it shows that it is a quality mat.

Depending on the type of surface on which a mouse is used it will be more or less necessary to use one, and it is a product that must be the user who decides whether to buy one or not. The quality of the Invicta Mercury is above any doubt, but nevertheless, it is a product at the high price point for a carpet, which also does not offer any kind of extra RGB lighting that is so fashionable.

The Invicta rug is a product highly recommended for anyone who needs a mat that provides a surface with the lowest friction, but also interested in its ability to become a mat that retains more movement of the mouse to gain accuracy. The base is completely stable and does not move in use with fast action games thanks to its lower grip rubber, which includes the FPS, MMO, and MOBA, but those who will not get the most out can opt for other cheaper mats, and Razer also has mats for this type of player.

The color white and silver greatly benefits this product, and especially to all those who are assembling a team in white, which are increasing. Buying peripherals in black do not go well with those, which is why it makes all the sense that Razer has presented the Mercury series. Personally, I like Mercury products more – perhaps because of having too many traditional Razer peripherals in black – but that is already personal taste. A highly recommended product.

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