Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

OnePlus never competed for the best camera. Now he is aiming for the podium thanks to a single change

It’s no secret. Until just a few weeks ago, analyzing a OnePlus phone was caressing a set that was characterized by one of the best user experiences in terms of raw performance and software, weighed down by a photographic system far from the level of its main competitors. All that changed with one device: the OnePlus Open.

The camera of this device has been one of the great surprises of the year: it is the best camera I’ve ever tried on a OnePlus. There is still room for improvement and the sensor it incorporates is not the best in Sony’s new Lytia series. The latter will be, precisely, what brings about the great change.

OnePlus and its history with cameras. There was something with OnePlus phones that prevented them from performing at a high photographic level. While its cameras have been improving over the generations, we have never seen a OnePlus fighting to be one of the five best cameras on an Android.

Hasselblad arrived. He changed little. After alliances with OPPO and trying to focus on what had historically been its weak point, OnePlus joined forces with Hasselblad. This is one of the main players in the world of photography, a collaboration similar to that of Xiaomi with Leica.

Signature lenses, new camera modes… it wasn’t enough. The OnePlus 9 premiered this collaboration, and even so it was quite far from what could be expected. It was still a high-end camera, but not the highest.

The OnePlus Open and the Lytia sensor have arrived. The OnePlus Open is the OPPO Find N3 in international version, something that has helped make the camera the “least OnePlus” that I have tested to date. However, there is a big change that allows this to be possible: the new Sony sensors.

OPPO and Sony signed an agreement to bring double-layer stacked sensors to the brand’s flagships. These new sensors allow greater light capture and better performance. From what we have been able to test, even in sensors from the new LYT family that are not flagships, the performance is excellent.

The OnePlus 12 will have a LYT sensor. OnePlus has officially announced that the OnePlus 12 will arrive with a Sony Lytia sensor instead of the traditional IMX ones. It is the company’s great opportunity to aspire to the photographic podium if it respects the processing that we have seen in the OnePlus Open and lets itself be led by OPPO.

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Danish Kapoor