NVIDIA wants to prioritize its sales to gamers instead of miners

The purchase of graphics cards to mine cryptocurrencies is something that lately is becoming very present in the market and influences its price due to lack of stock. On many occasions, you see cards for double or even triple your PVPR (recommended retail price) and it is normal to see an RX 580 of 50 or 100 dollars above this price and not to mention the Radeon RX Vega 56 and 64, currently almost $ 200 over its RRPP. This market makes many people see the graphics cards as money printers, buying all they can to generate the maximum possible profit with them and even renting aircraft the size of a Boeing 747 for transporting them. According to appearances, the massive sale of credit cards is something that manufacturers do not like, as it can have a rebound effect that causes a saturation of the second-hand market, for which the manufacturer has to cancel production. by not obtaining sales, which would lead him to suffer great losses. This is something that happened to AMD in 2014 after the crypto market was blocked. One of the biggest problems of the cryptomeria is the lack of fidelity on the part of the user, for him the graphics card is a simple tool from which he obtains a profit, buying only looking at his mining power that is measured in hash rate (rate of summaries) related to consumption and without attending to the brand. And if the mining market is blocked for any reason it will sell its cards causing the aforementioned saturation. NVIDIA is aware that this market also affects their graphics cards and wants to avoid at all costs have problems related to it, which made a recommendation to retailers asking them to limit the sale to two units of their cards per user. The man in charge of public relations of the company, Boris Böhles, made a public statement:

For NVIDIA, players come first. All activities related to our GeForce product line are aimed at our main audience. To ensure that they want a GeForce they still have good availability in the current situation, we recommend that our business partners make the necessary arrangements to meet the needs of players as always.

NVIDIA indicates that retailers are free to continue selling as they were doing and it is only a recommendation, as it can not influence retail stores in any way. The only place where you can control sales is in your own web store, where you can take all the necessary measures so that, at least, those who buy directly from them have their graphics cards available and this makes many retailers accept their recommendations. When trying to make sure that your cards reach the players, you want to ensure the loyalty of the consumer, since you are more likely to buy a product from your company once you want to update its components. Maintaining the sales leadership linked to the video game market is also relevant when interacting with the developers of the same, being able to use this as a bargaining chip for optimizations or associations with the studios themselves. That all this work and prices stabilize is something that only time will tell. Retailers are interested in maintaining the market as it is, since selling graphics with a plus at the price is something that interests them, but on the other hand, it can generate long-term losses, since cryptocurrencies are a very volatile market and The bubble they are living can explode in their faces. What is clear is that NVIDIA has a very dominant position in the market and can get away with it, which in the end will end up benefiting everyone.

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