Microsoft Surface Headphones – Specs, Featurs & All You Need to Know

Microsoft Surface headphones are here to compete the flagship Giants Bose and Sony with its noise cancelling features

Microsoft has announced it’s new Surface headphones. Post the announcement of the latest Surface Pro, Laptop, as well as the Studio devices, Microsoft’s Surface event, revealed the brand-new Surface Headphones. Costing $350, they are ready to ship in the US. Unlike the black gear showed by Microsoft, headphones come in a light grey colour.

The Microsoft Surface headphones are wireless, over the year headphone featuring premium qualities. Firstly, the Microsoft Surface headphone features an adjustable noise cancellation quality. This gives the users to precisely control the noise they wish to let in their years. In order to change the noise cancellation levels, all you need to do is turn the dial on the left year cup. It helps you comfortably adjust the volume without wearing out the headphones.

The Microsoft Wireless Surface Headphones support “Hey Cortana.” Thus, you can enjoy hands-free voice commands. The music will pause automatically when you remove the headphones from your ears. That’s a fantastic feature Microsoft has added, right? Further, the Microsoft Surface Headphones charge on USB Type C. you can plug in the Microsoft Wireless Surface Headphones via a detachable 3.5mm cable too.

Microsoft Surface Headphones Specs

One of the Microsoft’s press release mentions that these Microsoft Surface Headphones slip comfortably over your ears. They quickly surround you with spectacular sound quality. Further, the headphone has 13 levels of ambient noise control. In addition to this, the press release also mentions that the Microsoft Wireless Surface Headphones are Designed considering collaboration. You will see 2 beam-forming microphones on both the ear cups. there are 8 microphones in total. These help you focus on the sounds you want to capture and enjoy excellent call experiences.

Similar to the Sony’s 1000X M3 headphones, Microsoft has added the touch control features on the ear cups. The listener or the user can pause the music or skip the tracks with it. The Battery life of Microsoft Surface Headphones is seen rated at 15 hours on the Bluetooth. It increases to 50 hours if plugged in via the headphone jack. Further, the sound can be customised using an app that Microsoft will introduce with the Surface Headphones.

As per the CNET reports, Microsoft Surface Headphones have taken 3 years for their development. They are ready to compete against the flagships of Sony and Bose. They have further become the leaders in noise-cancelling headphones.

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