Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft started testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft started testing the display of ads in the Start Menu of the Windows 11 operating system. This new feature will be presented to users as application recommendations in the Recommended section of the Start Menu. The company announced that it will only roll out this change to Windows Internal Testers in the US, excluding non-commercial devices from this implementation.

Details of new features in Windows 11

According to the statement made by Microsoft, these ads will only appear for Windows Internal Test users who are in the beta channel. This suggests that the ad was tested on a select group of users before widespread use. Ads will be active on personal devices that are not managed by the company.

Although ads will be enabled by default, users will be able to disable this feature from the Windows 11 settings section if they wish. Microsoft will determine the future fate of this new feature by collecting user feedback. If enough negative feedback is received, it may be possible for this feature to be discontinued in the development stages.

The application framed in red is an advertisement.

Microsoft has been experimenting with various methods of displaying ads within the Windows operating system for more than a decade. A similar advertising experiment was previously conducted in Windows 11 File Explorer, but this experiment was terminated in beta versions. Windows 10 already had promotional areas on the lock screen and Start Menu, so it's no surprise that ads are appearing in Windows 11 as well.

For now, Microsoft continues to collect feedback from Windows testers about these changes. User reactions will determine whether these ads will be included in the final versions of Windows 11. It is stated that negative feedback may lead to permanent removal of ads.

This move by Microsoft raises questions about how it will affect the user experience. While ads can make users spend more time in the operating system, they can also reduce user satisfaction. The company plans to strictly follow the trial period and make adjustments according to users' needs and preferences.

This innovation will show over time what kind of advertising strategy Microsoft will follow within the operating system and how users will react to these new features. User feedback will be critical to the continuation of such innovations. Microsoft emphasizes that it will continue to manage such changes by prioritizing user experience.

Danish Kapoor