Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft Copilot promises us that Windows 11 will be more secure than ever. This is how you intend to achieve it

Windows 11 will receive the most important update in its history on September 26. Copilot, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant, will be fully integrated into this operating system from that day on, although It will not come only to this platform; It will also be present in all the tools that Redmond offers us, such as Microsoft 365, Bing, Edge or Outlook, among many others.

During the event that has just been held in New York, and which we have attended to be able to offer you our first-hand coverage, Microsoft spokespersons have insisted that the essential purpose of Copilot is to increase our productivity and ensure that any task we want to do With our PC it is much easier. However, this is not all. And they have also highlighted that this artificial intelligence agent has been designed to make Windows 11 more secure than ever.

Artificial intelligence puts a password-free future within our reach with Windows Hello

According to Microsoft, there are 4,000 brute force password attacks worldwide every second. A well-chosen key that combines lowercase, uppercase, symbols and digits, and has the appropriate length, should offer protection against this type of attack. The problem is that a good part of the users, according to those from Redmond, does not use strong passwords, so your keys are vulnerable to some attacks. Microsoft has set out to put an end to this threat, and its strategy is to reinforce Windows Hello in this imminent Windows 11 update.

Windows Hello will allow us to identify ourselves using the biometric reading hardware of our PC

When Copilot reaches the latest Microsoft operating system, users will be able to create a passkey using Windows Hello (we can translate this English word as ‘master key’), so that we will not be forced to associate a traditional password with the services and applications that we use most frequently. This technology will allow us to identify ourselves using the biometric reading hardware of our PC, so it will read our face, our fingerprint, or allow us to access the service using a pin.

Sounds good. There is no doubt that users appreciate that they make it easier for us as long as, yes, the security of our data does not suffer. And this technology promises to put these two purposes in our hands. We will check it when this Windows 11 update arrives. However, this is not all. Microsoft Defender will also be strengthened thanks to its integration with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence agent.

One of the most relevant improvements of the new Defender will be that its monitoring agent will carry out an exhaustive analysis of all those operations in which payments are involved. If at any time it identifies a threat, it will react quickly to notify us and neutralize it, according to Microsoft.

In addition, Defender will offer us additional protection when we connect to a public Wi-Fi network. One of the strategies that he will propose to us consists of hide our IP address and our location. At the moment these Defender features will be available only in the US, but we trust that they will reach other countries as soon as possible.

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Danish Kapoor