Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft Build 2024 date and location have been announced

Microsoft announced that its annual Build conference for developers will be held in Seattle, USA, between May 21-23 this year. announced. The technology giant stated that it will share important updates on artificial intelligence (AI), Copilots and many more at the event. The 2023 event was recorded as an event where in-person participation returned, and this year’s event will be held both in Seattle and online.

Last year, Microsoft increased its efforts in artificial intelligence. These efforts include tools for developers such as Copilot Studio and Windows AI Studio. Growing artificial intelligence targets around Windows and Microsoft 365 will be one of the important topics of the event this year as well.

The event program of this year’s meeting has not been shared yet. However, Microsoft invites prospective participants to register now to be notified when registration opens. On the consumer side, Microsoft plans to release more information about the future of Xbox tomorrow, and we expect to hear more about new Surface hardware in the spring.

Microsoft’s innovative steps in the field of artificial intelligence continue to be a source of great excitement for developers and technology enthusiasts. Tools such as Copilot Studio and Windows AI Studio provide developers with great convenience in integrating artificial intelligence technologies into their own projects. Thanks to these tools, developers can develop smarter and more interactive applications.

Microsoft’s annual Build conference is considered one of the most important events in the technology world. This event stands out as a platform where Microsoft shares its latest technological innovations and future vision. Announcements about AI, Copilots and other innovations are seen as important steps that solidify Microsoft’s leadership in technology.

Since the event will be held both physically and online, more participants from around the world will be able to access the event. This is considered part of Microsoft’s strategy to bring its innovations to a wider audience. The Microsoft Build conference will continue to be an important meeting point for developers, technology professionals and industry leaders.

Anyone who wants to follow Microsoft’s latest innovations in artificial intelligence and technology will not want to miss this important event. This annual meeting, which will take place in Seattle, will offer in-depth information about the latest trends and developments in the world of technology.

Danish Kapoor