Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Mercedes-Benz will limit control of Apple CarPlay

Mercedes-Benz does not plan to use Apple's next generation CarPlay technology to cover all screens. Ola Källenius, CEO of the German automaker, stated in an interview that Mercedes-Benz has a requirement for a comprehensive software architecture aimed at improving the in-car technology experience. This means that the phone mirroring features offered by Apple will not be allowed to extend to all screens in the vehicle.

Why doesn't Mercedes-Benz fully embrace Apple CarPlay?

In 2022, Apple announced that CarPlay will be expanded not only to the central touchscreen, but also to additional displays such as the instrument cluster. However, this new version of CarPlay has not yet appeared on any mass production models. Brands such as Porsche and Aston Martin announced that they would be among the first companies to adopt this new immersive screen technology.

Mercedes-Benz, like its rivals in the luxury car industry, is in no rush to let Apple dominate the in-car experience. Källenius stated that the company is working closely with Google, Apple's main rival, to design a new navigation feature. The Mercedes engineering team is expected to actively participate in this process.

Källenius still sees the value in phone mirroring services offered to customers and does not plan to discourage their use. Unlike General Motors' decision to ban Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its electric vehicle lineup last year, Mercedes-Benz states that it will continue to offer freedom of choice to its customers. Källenius says customers can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto if they wish.

Mercedes-Benz's CEO reiterated that fully embracing Apple's next-generation CarPlay would be a step too far for the company. He stated that leaving the user experience entirely to Apple is unacceptable, especially when it comes to elements such as the passenger display. While this underlines the importance Mercedes-Benz attaches to technology and customer experience, it also demonstrates its competitive stance in the market.

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Danish Kapoor