Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

It becomes easier to delete game and application accounts in Google Play Store

It is necessary to create an account to experience some applications and games. However, getting rid of these accounts can be a problem. Google Play provides a solution to this problem.

The February 2024 Google System Update makes a useful addition to the app store Play Store. Thanks to this addition, users will be able to request account or data deletion more easily.

Google’s change record includes the following statements on the subject: “You can now request data and account deletion from the Application Details page by clicking the direct link to the Developer site.”

This change is not something that has been heard for the first time. Last year, Google notified developers that apps that support the creation of accounts must allow users to delete that account and related data through that app and the web. The company also shared an example of this process at that time.

An important privacy addition for the Google Play Store

In short, it can be said that a delayed but important addition has been made for the Play Store in terms of privacy. It is stated that this may encourage application developers to develop their own internal solutions.

Danish Kapoor