Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

iPhone 16 Pro will come in Space Black and Rose colors

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It will take a longer time for Apple to introduce new iPhones. However, rumors about these phones have been circulating for a long time. According to a new rumor, Space Black and Rose color options will be offered for iPhone 16 Pro models.

Blue Titanium, offered for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, is expected to be removed from the options in new models. It is stated that the Space Black option will be close to the Space Black of the iPhone 14 Pro in tone and will replace the Black Titanium on the iPhone 15 Pro.

It is said that the Natural Titanium on the iPhone 15 Pro will be launched in Gray in the new model, while the White Titanium will be a “silver white” tone closer to the silver of the iPhone 14 Pro.

iphone 16 pro

The source of the claim about the color range had previously predicted correctly that the iPhone 14 Pro would come in a purple color option. This hit does not guarantee 100 percent accuracy of the current claim.

Similar color claims for the iPhone 16 Pro have been brought up before

Another rumor recently claimed that Desert Titanium and Titanium Gray will be among the color options of the iPhone 16 Pro. It seems likely that these are the Rose and Gray shades shown above.

Danish Kapoor