Apple iPad 2018: Review, Specifications and Opinion

There are many similarities in the strategy of this iPad and the iPhone SE: although its design and appearance are not new, inside there are components such as the screen, processor, battery and certain very current capabilities that make it a very good product.

The plan with the iPad 2018 is not new. In fact, it is a repetition, step by step, of what they did last year, but updating some components and adding functions. In particular, they add support for Apple Pencil, which, in theory, will make it more attractive for certain markets such as education.

An update without great news does not have to be bad news, in this case, it is good. Apple has managed to place its most basic tablet in a segment where it simply has no competition, where no other manufacturer is able to offer a product with this performance, with this screen size and this quality of construction at this price.

Apple iPad 2018: Basic Specifications

Screen Retina 9.7 inches
Processor Apple A10 Fusion
Capacity 32 and 128 GB
Weight: 469 grams
Dimensions 24 x 16.95 x 0.75 cm
Price Starting from ₹26,600

Faster and with Apple Pencil support

Between the sixth generation of the iPad and last year’s version, almost everything is the same. With almost everything I mean, literally, almost everything: same screen size with the same resolution, the same 10 hours of autonomy, the same cameras, memory, capacity, size and weight.

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But there are two fundamental changes. The first is the processor. Apple has updated the SoC of the iPad with an A10 Fusion, which came in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. That the fact that it is a chip launched in 2016 does not deceive: it is faster than any laptop or tablet for the same price that you could buy today and some more expensive.

iPad 2018: Geekbench
The A10 Fusion compared to other Apple products.

An A10 Fusion has a performance almost equal to an Intel Core i5 within a MacBook Air launched in 2017 (which has a price of 999 dollars) and definitely faster than the same model of, for example, 2014.

The comparison with a MacBook Air is not the coincidence. It is usually an extremely popular team among students and people that Apple points to with their iPads. Same performance, but about 700 dollars difference in price.

Therefore, in terms of value and from a pure performance point of view, it is a very powerful product at an unbeatable price.

The second change in this sixth generation of the tablet is Apple Pencil support. This extends the possibilities of production with the product. Not only is it an annotation theme, there are things that are manipulated better with a more precise pointer and it adds a sense of naturalness in the use of certain applications.

Apple has updated Keynote, Pages and Numbers to support the Apple Pencil and many third-party developers will keep track. There is still a long way to go in the path of the tablet as a productivity tool, but it is another step in the positive direction.

I am glad that iPads without the Pro last name have support for Apple Pencil, but it is a pity that they do not bring smart connector, which is the way peripherals like keyboards are connected without the need for Bluetooth.

The reason is obvious: although insignificant, it requires an internal and external design, preventing the production of the device at such a low price.

I say it’s a shame because the pairing, need of batteries and/or recharge in Bluetooth keyboards for iPad is a headache, while those who use the smart connector work very well. The best option is the most expensive and somewhat uncomfortable: an Apple wireless keyboard with some case, but it is also heavy.

If only Apple made a wireless Smart Keyboard …

Should I buy an iPad?

It’s a fairly recurring question, more and more, I guess as the popularization of touchscreen devices increases and the laptop market remains static.

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More and more people are asking us if it is time to use an iPad as the main device, instead of the laptop.

There is no simple answer, but I think there is a large percentage of things that can be done perfectly from an iPad, particularly since iOS 11 was launched, which included hundreds of improvements in the graphical interface for multitasking work.

You can drag items between applications, have a split screen with two applications, keyboard shortcuts, a way to access all of our files and more and more apps optimized for this screen size.

With this hardware update, Apple has put a lot of emphasis on how well it works as a tool for students and yes, to a certain extent it is. But I think there are hundreds of professional activities in which an iPad, this iPad, fits perfectly, which is much more than enough and even more productive.

But if you want to program, do professional editing of video or audio, do certain types of professional edition of photos and activities of that type, unfortunately, you have to use a Mac or a PC.

The tablet without competition

If we take a look at the competition, both tablets and laptops at the same price range (329 dollars), the iPad is alone. There is no product capable of competing in terms of quality/price.

The market of tablets with Android has become a bad joke, especially if we consider that the best sellers are the Amazon Fire, typical Christmas gift that in three months become the paperweight. Google? They threw in the towel years ago, their focus is only on smartphones.

As for laptops or tablets with Windows, there is no product that comes close to the quality of construction, speed and weight of this iPad. The only alternative is generic products of Chinese brands with cheap components in plastic housings.

Therefore, the only competition that the iPad has are other iPads. If you need something with more speed, bigger screen or more features, there is the iPad Pro. Little more.

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The iPad 2018 (or sixth generation) continues a strategy that has worked very well for Apple, encapsulating a tablet in a package that is cheap to produce, put a fair price, give the consumer enough value, increase their market share and make money in the process.

It’s exactly the same iPad last year with better processor, Apple Pencil support, keeping price or making a small reduction in certain countries. And that can only be good.

Do you need a tablet, do you have a limited budget? Buy this, do not think about it.

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