Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

I have been teleworking for 15 years, and this is the only laptop I recommend to my friends

With a few years of teleworking in other areas and almost 10 years of finding offers, I can, on the one hand, talk about what it means for me to work remotely personally, and on the other hand, recommend to those friends who turn to one in search of of recommendations the laptop I would buy for a use like the one I have given it. If you want to know what it is, I will tell you here.

When they ask me “what laptop should I buy”, my answer usually causes few doubts. I have been a PC user for a long time (and I still am). I had a fireproof Toshiba Satellite which, when I turned it on for the last time, with more than 10 years behind it, was still working like a charm… if you wanted to move software from the Jurassic.

But I cannot deny that, with that Windows XP that I had, I suffered more than once from the dreaded blue screen and many other ailments. In any case, I’m not complaining: I thought it was an excellent team.

MacBook Air, Apple’s light equipment

Macbook Air

But back in 2011 I jumped to a MacBook Pro. One of the most basic at that time, with 13 inches and a Full HD screen, as well as a HDD with 500 GB which wasn’t wonderful either. The good thing about that team is that it was “updatable.” The 128 GB SSD soon dropped (they were very expensive at that time), and it also I doubled the RAM to 16 GB. And there it is still, working perfectly.

But if there was one reason that device made me change my perception of what the perfect laptop was like, it was because of the operating system. That MacBook came with Snow Leopard, but Lion and Mountain Lion soon came and the truth is that I didn’t have a problem with them. Nor have I had them since, nor until the last version that I was able to install.

I say all this because, since I became switcherI have only been fluent, the application or operating system crashes have remained testimonial events and, I admit, if it were not for the fact that I still have a couple of PCs, I would have become completely useless in solving computer problems .

Therefore, when they ask me what equipment I recommend for teleworking, especially in mobility, I am clear: a Macbook Air. The version of the moment and the one we can afford, but a MacBook Air after all.

A long list of advantages

Macbook Air 2
Macbook Air 2

I recommend it for lightness: few teams can boast of 1.24 Kg What does one of these laptops weigh? Although it has become lighter in previous generations, it is still one of the lightest laptops on the market.

Another aspect to take into account is its thickness. By screen it cannot measure much less than the 30×21 cm width and length that it measures, but by thickness, with its 1.13cm, it is one of the thinnest equipment we can buy. This is an advantage when carrying in a suitcase or backpack.

On the other hand, we have an enviable autonomy. The 18 hours of use offered by one of these ultrabook It is more than enough time to cover our work day and even our leisure day, or at least part of it (if we watch too much video, we may not get such long periods of use).

He software, both the operating system and the apps included as standard are more than enough to cover most of the needs of an average user. But also, one of the most common reluctance for those who come from Windows is the fear of not being able to use the most common apps in the Microsoft operating system. That fear is completely unfounded: I I haven’t yet come across a task I could do on Windows that I can’t do on MacOS.. In addition, apps such as those from the Office suite, those from Adobe, all browsers and many others are compatible with both systems.

Macbook Air 5
Macbook Air 5

Another aspect in which an Apple laptop is unrivaled is the trackpad and its usability. With a response that is a delight and currently with a size that makes it more than comfortable to use, I I have never used a mouse with a MacBook.

Lastly, I would say that there is the hardware aspect. The biggest drawback that is put (or was put, because this has changed with Apple’s M processors) to the brand’s equipment is that its hardware It’s too short”. In theory, it may be true, but in reality, it is that a Mac with adequate RAM and an SSD flies in almost all situations.

We must be clear from the moment of purchase what we want and what we are going to need, because Macs, in general, cannot be expanded, except perhaps in some workshops, but we should not count on it.

Macbook Air 3
Macbook Air 3

that’s where it comes from the other usual drawback: the price. But in this regard, we must keep in mind that we are talking about the MacBook Air, Apple’s most economical laptop. Yes, it can be almost as expensive as we want, but in its basic version, with an M1 or M2 Chip, it is even cheaper than some ultrabooks with Windows that are not going to last us that long.

Be careful also in relation to this, because, The minimum resolution we find on the MacBook Air screens is 2560x1600p, or what is the same, WQXGA. At the prices of the Air, in a Windows laptop we may have to pay more to enjoy a resolution higher than Full HD.

Not everything is advantages

As a big disadvantage, they come standard with 8 GB of RAMwhich at first may be enough with the new Apple Chips, whether the M1 or the M2, but clearly, they are going to fall short over time, so the advice I would give to anyone is to spend the 230 extra euros that Apple asks for adding 8 GB of extra RAM.

And the other aspect in which they usually fail is the number of ports they offeralthough this depends a lot on the model we choose and has been worse in the past, but it is nothing that we cannot solve with a good hub.

Macbook Air 4
Macbook Air 4

How much can a MacBook Air cost us?

Having said all this,How much can a MacBook Air cost us?? Speaking of official prices, the most basic one with a 13-inch screen and M1 Chip has a starting price of 1,218.85 euros. The 13-inch one with M2 Chip has a price of only 90 euros more, (1,298.85 euros) and has a slightly larger screen: it is therefore much more advisable, since it is more modern and has a more powerful processor. Finally, the new 15-inch MacBook Air with M2 Chip comes out 1,598.85 euros.

But the truth is that if we search a little and take advantage of offers like those on Black Friday, we can get a 13-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip for 1,129 euros, or the 15-inch one launched this year, for 1,399 euros. We can even find a model with a reconditioned M1 Chip for relatively little money, like this one, for 911.23 euros.

More offers

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