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Danish Kapoor

How to Copy-Paste on iPhone?

Apple’s iOS operating systems have been updated many times over the years, and in the process, sometimes even seemingly simple copy and paste functions can become confusing for users. As iPhone users, you may be wondering about the most effective methods of transferring information on our screens, between our applications or within documents. Let’s examine in detail how copy-paste operations can be performed along with its functional features on an iPhone 15 Pro running the current version of iOS, 17.2.1.

Copy-Paste Operation in Text and Images

Copying and pasting text on an iPhone running iOS has very functional and flexible methods. Although each application varies in how it handles text, here are some basic steps:

To select text, if there is no editable text on the page (for example, on a web page), you can start the process by pressing and holding on a word and marking it. On editable text, if the keyboard is visible on the screen, simply double-click a word or triple-click a paragraph.

iphone copy paste

You can then move your finger while holding it on the screen to expand the selection. During this process, you can change the starting and ending points of the selection by dragging the handles that appear at both ends of the text.

When the selection process is completed, you may encounter different options in the drop-down menu that will appear:

  • Depending on the app and the text, you may sometimes see the “Select All” option. With this option you can select all text in the document or section.
  • If you see either “Cut” or “Copy” options, you can click on them to perform the operation.
  • If you prefer gestures, you can use this function by pinching three fingers to copy the selected text or twice to cut it.

To paste text:

  • With the on-screen keyboard visible, tap where you want to add text.
  • Select “Paste” from the pop-up menu that appears.
  • You can also paste text by using three fingers.

If you are working on an editable document and want to move the text to another location, you can select and hold the text and drag it to the desired location.

Copying and pasting images has a simpler process compared to text. To select an image in most apps, such as Notes and Safari:

  1. Press and hold on the image.
  2. Tap “Cut” or “Copy” in the pop-up menu that appears. The “Cut” option only appears if you are working on an editable document.

The Apple Photos app is an exception and requires a different method for copying images:

  1. Click on the thumbnail to make it full screen.
  2. Then tap the Share button (the square with the arrow sign in the bottom left) and select the “Copy Photo” option.
iphone copy paste
iphone copy paste

This copies the image to the clipboard. To paste:

  1. With the on-screen keyboard showing, tap where you want to paste the picture.
  2. Select “Paste” from the pop-up menu that appears.

If the application you will paste into supports image resizing, you can change its size using the handles you will see around the image. Remember, you can’t resize images with handles like you can with text.

Other options

There are other features that may be more useful than your copy and paste action. For example, when you select the text or image, there is a “Share” option you can see on the drop-down menu. Using this option, you can send the text or image directly to another app on your iPhone.

iphone copy paste

In some cases, it may be easier to share an item directly rather than copying and pasting it. The selected text or image is automatically included in the application you have selected. Additionally, the “Copy” option is available in the “Share” menu when needed.

In addition, if you have an iPad or Mac signed in with the same Apple ID, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are active, as well as the “Continuity” feature, these devices will share a common clipboard.

This means that if you have copied something on your iPhone, it is then possible to paste the copied content onto your Mac and vice versa. It’s important to be aware of the availability of the Universal Clipboard feature, otherwise you may end up copying and pasting content across devices when you didn’t mean to.

In line with Apple’s ever-changing iOS versions, iPhone users are offered a range of options, allowing data to flow between devices. Depending on your personal needs, it is possible to significantly increase your productivity by using these methods. In addition to copy and paste operations, you can also try other useful functions thanks to this guide and learn how to make the most of these basic features in iOS.

Danish Kapoor